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Domino's UK Use Tweets to Knock Down the Price of Pizza

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Domino's UK ran a clever Twitter campaign today that got fans interacting with them, all in the name of cheap pizza. Domino's reduced the price of the star pizza today according to how may people tweeted in time for lunch – knocking the price down from ­£15.99 to £7.74. The promotion ran from 9am-11am GMT this morning, and people had to include the hashtag #letsdolunch in their tweets to knock down the price of a large pepperoni pizza.

For every tweet sent, a minimum of £0.01 would be knocked off the price of the pizza which, by making an educated guess, would mean around 825 tweets were sent. However the price would never have been knocked down to a penny had enough people tweeted - the company had stated that the max lowest price would be £6.59.


The specially priced pizza can be ordered through the Tweet for Treat Facebook tab today between 12-3pm GMT, but only by those who follow Domino's UK on Twitter and like their Facebook page

This was a clever, one-off campaign that got the Dominos name out there by people essentially advertising Dominos by tweeting about it, and the order mechanism meant that more people had an incentive to like or follow the brand. Also, pretty much everyone loves a quick, easy bargain that you can have in your hands in minutes.

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