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Case Study: The 'repin' effect sees 29% increase in traffic

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When I logged into Pinterest last week I saw an insane amount of repinning for a particular green skirt, which is sold on the fashion website Lulu's:

The skirt was originally pinned by the user Stevie Smith. While Stevie has 25 followers on Pinterest, this particular skirt saw 51 repins and 41 likes:

Given that at one point nearly my entire homepage was taken over by this one green skirt, I wanted to see what effect this had on the original site, given that it was actually pinned through another site 'style says'. We've seen positive figures for referral traffic on Pinterest, but what about when just one of your products happens to get pinned by someone and the repins set it?

29% increase in traffic

I reached out to LuluSays to see if they had noticed anything unusual in their web traffic following this (they didn't seem to be aware of how much interest this item had got). Speaking to their marketing manager, she said that Pinterest had been doing really well for them in the past year, and when looking at this line of skirts on the site, there had been a 29 per cent increase in traffic in one week alone. While Colleen didn't want to give exact numbers of traffic, or referral sales figures, this shows the huge value of the organic nature of repinning on the site.

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