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Finally Some Innovation From Google

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give me a hard time for always writing about Facebook but I write about them because they are the company innovating at the moment and changing the entire web with their platform. I've been slightly harsher on Facebook's biggest rival Google in recent times but I'm delighted to say that I've finally found something cool that shows they are not a spent force in terms of innovation...their new recipe search. This has been launched for a couple of weeks and I've used it myself and it really does work great and enhances the search experience massively when it comes to finding things to cook. As you'll see from the video below you can use it to search by occasion, ingredient and amounts and I have to say it's something that has been missing online for years. What this means for recipe search engines like allrecipes I'm not sure but at least Google does provide publishers with a full list of ways in which recipes should be optimized for search. I know from experience that the one thing people always ask is "what can I do with these 3 ingredients" and Google have pretty much solved this problem with the recipe search engine.

You see this is the type of innovation that I think Google have been lacking over the last year or so and it's great to see them back at it again and making our lives better. Head over to the recipe search page now (or just use Google search filtered by recipe)and see what you are going to have for dinner...

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