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Facebook about to buy big?

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Facebook has hired another senior Google executive to drive their Mergers and Acquisitions efforts fuelling speculation that Facebook will step up their deal activity. Amin Zoufonoun, a director of corporate development at Google, will join Facebook next week.

Facebook to date has mainly completed acquisitions (they completed 10 in 2010) for engineering talent instead of for products. But with a recent round of fundraising boosting their coffers, they may be about to get more active.

It's not the first time they have snagged talent from Google. The COO Sheryl Sandberg came from Google as did David Fischer who is Vice President of Advertising and Global Operations. They have secured the services of a number of other senior people also. They certainly seem to be winning the recruitment talent battle against Google at the moment.

This new hire is the latest sign of Facebook's ambitious expansion plans and adds more fuel to the rivalry between themselves and Google - indeed they could be competing more and more for the same deals.

It will be interesting to see whether Facebook starts looking at bigger deals.

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