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The 27 Best Viral Videos Of 2013 (So Far)

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It's hard to believe that we're already half way through the year, but what's also surprising is the vast number of brilliant videos that have appeared within this period. It seemed like every week, there were numerous videos fighting it out for our attention, so to help refresh your memory, here are the best viral videos of 2013 so far.

Protect Against Child Abuse

A powerful piece of marketing where kids and adults would look at the same ad but see different pictures.

3's Moonwalking Pony

Don't tell us you forgot all about this already. Just watch and let the sheer joy you felt when watching it first come back to you.

The Guardian Introduces The Weekend

After the success of its Three Little Pigs, The Guardian decided to create this surreal ad to promote its weekend papers.

The Candidate

Heineken realised that job interviews are incredibly boring and predictable. So it decided to do things a little differently to find its ideal candidate.

Somersby iCider

Making fun of Apple stores while promoting a beer? A hilarious idea that works better than it really should.

Evian Babies Danceoff

The Evian dancing babies came back with a bang with its latest video, a danceoff featuring both young and old, getting 52 million views.

Eyes On The (SIV) Prize

Having a stare-off against a phone doesn't sound like the most thrilling of competitions, but Swisscom asked commuters to do just that, with a few 'distractions' thrown in for good measure.

How Animals Eat Their Food

Until this video came to light, we never thought about it either, but watch and see just how awkward it would be to eat dinner with a kangaroo or a rhino.

LG Fright Test

For men, one of the biggest problems when in a public bathroom is seeing people looking at you while you're peeing. LG brought this up a level by placing screens over the urinals and making people think they were being watched.

Dove Real Beauty

Women describe themselves to an artist and then compare it to the description of others in an incredibly moving piece of marketing (despite its obvious flaws).

KMart Ship My Pants

It's juvenile but do we care? (The answer's no, by the way)

Dove Shampoo

If you're a man and you made the mistake of using women's shampoo instead of your own, you'll might relate to this.

Pepsi MAX Test Drive

Get a professional stock car racer, disguise him and place an unsuspecting car salesman in a test-drive where hilarity ensues.

Old Spice's New CEO

After Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa reinvigorated the Old Spice brand, the company went for a different approach by hiring a new CEO, Mr. Wolfdog.

Carlsberg Friends Test

If your friend rang you up in the middle of the night, telling you they were in trouble and needed money to get out of a tight situation, would you do it?


A music video with a difference. Working in reverse, it flows perfectly as one person walks through the streets of Tel Aviv.

Red Bull Urban Wingsuit Flight

You can't have a viral video list without including Red Bull in it and this wingsuit flight through Rio de Janeiro shows why it's always there.

How Guys Will Use Google Glass

With a porn app making its way onto Google Glass (and then getting banned), this video was bang on the money when it was released back in March.

DC Shoes

DC Shoes get stunt rider Robbie Maddison to pull off some amazing stunts in a ten minute video.

Nivea Deo: Stress Test

Nivea clearly wanted to freak out a few people with this stress test which reported them to be on the run. Cue some uncomfortable shuffling and pleading innocence.

Internet Explorer - Child of The 90s

IE taps into nostalgia by reminding us of the things that featured heavily in our childhood.

A Dramatic Surprise On A Ice Cold Day

How do you top one of the biggest viral videos of 2012? By making the next one bigger and better, obviously.

Volkswagen Game Day

An incredibly silly Superbowl ad from Volkswagen where everyone has a Jamacian accent.

Oreo: Cream or Cookie

This is what happens when you fight over Oreo. You have been warned.

Renault Test Drive

The theme of surprising test drives has appeared more than once in this list and for good reason. Renualt provided its own that gave both male and female test drivers a surprise near the end of their drive.

The Best Bus Stop Ever 

It's a pity that public transport isn't more like this. Who wouldn't want to commute to work via sleigh.

GoPro: Dubstep Baby

The title pretty much explains everything you need to know, really. The world seen through the eyes of a baby.

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