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Youtube announces new music copyright deal for publishers

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The rights around music on Youtube can be a bit unclear for publishers and content creators. You may find you can upload a video with whatever track you want, then see it's removed from Youtube for violating copyright. As it should be, of course, as the creator of the music stands to gain very little from this. But today, Youtube has announced details of their new deal which has been struck with a number of music publishers, including  BMG Rights Management, Christian Copyright Solutions, ABKCO Music, Inc and Songs Music Publishing. Under the deal, Youtube will be working more collaboratively with these groups, bringing them under Youtube's Content ID programme, which sees music creators share in ad revenue.

This means that if you use any iteration of a track under one of these publishers (who represent the likes of Adele, Foo Fighters and The Rolling Stones), you will be permitted to do so with ads now appearing on your video. Youtube is already running this for a number of organisations so it's not a brand new ad policy for them, but alignment with these publishing groups has massively opened up opportunities to video publishers to use the music they want, while the artists, and ultimately Youtube, benefit from this financially.

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