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UNIQLO Create Brilliant Pinterest Campaign Through Clever Pinning

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Despite its popularity, we haven't seen many advertising campaigns done on Pinterest over the last few months. There's been a few examples, but in recent times, this has died down considerably, which is a shame considering that the site is still as popular as ever.

However, we were pleasantly surprised to see this campaign for Japanese clothing brand UNIQLO which used the site in a simple yet effective manner. Created by New York advertising agency Firstborn, the Dry Mesh campaign pins long images together to create a seamless ad on the site and encompassing the entire screen.

Basically, it follows the same principal of the tweet cartoon and Facebook flipbook that became popular back in April. What the agency did was simple: Their members just pinned images at the same time to ensure they would appear alongside each other. A simple idea, but one that would require numerous people to work on and a lot of preparation (or trial and error) to ensure that the images appear in the correct positions.

The only problem with this campaign is that, unlike the Twitter and Facebook campaigns mentioned earlier, the campaign's success depends on how the rows are positioned. Too few or too many and it ruins the effect. However, that shouldn't detract from what is a nice idea and it could give Pinterest a clue as to how advertising could work on the site, should it go down that route.

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