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Study finds news is 350 times more likely to be shared on Facebook than Google+

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In case anyone was still left wondering whether a profile on Google+ was really worth it, this study should help you decide. An analysis of the top 100 news stories across ten news sites over a four-week period found that an article was 350 times more likely to be shared on Facebook than Google+. The top stories were sourced via Twitter and analysed by Rippla, which examines how stories are shared online. A sample of the findings can be seen in the table below:

Interestingly, you can also see a huge discrepancy in the types of stories that do well on Facebook as opposed to Google+. The most popular story on Google+ was related to Alan Turing with a tech angle, followed by a story on Mexico's media, which is different to the most popular stories on Facebook. This sheds some (perhaps already known?) light on the kind of people that really actively use Google+: Tech and media types.

For Google, these results must be pretty disappointing. Despite continually pushing the platform, adapting it as they go to make sure it has a place, it's really going nowhere fast. While they are making some moves in the right direction, such as partnering up with Flipboard to encourage sharing content, the fact is that there's no real need for the product, and as this study shows, very little in the way of an active audience to ensure the platform keeps on ticking.

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