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Incredible Video Explains The History Of Social And Why Facebook Is The Future

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You might remember Paul Adams as the guy who drew up the deck that showed Google how to take on Facebook and was the foundation of Google+. Well after showing them the way, he was poached by Facebook and the Irish man is now evangelizing the Facebook product for media buyers and people who are likely to spend money with them.

He is one of the best thinkers when it comes to social and this video that Facebook has just shared shows his thoughts on how advertising works on Facebook and why the world will continue to become more social.

One of the biggest takeaways from the video are his three huge trends to watch: 1) The web is being rebuilt around people, 2) The amount of information you can access is increasing exponentially and 3) All this information will be available everywhere. Those three points perfectly describe where social is at right now. Unlike most sales videos that all the big networks release, this is actually massively useful at showing where the world is headed. Sit back and enjoy this look at media and where the world is headed.

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