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Five great Spotify campaigns

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Now that Spotify is growing as a platform, more brands are turning towards it to implement exciting ad campaigns, that make full use of the service to reach fans in a new way. Spotify is getting this absoulutely right. They seem open to working with brands, trying new fans, and stretching the platform in new ways to achieve the best results and create talkability. Below is a selection of campaigns that show Spotify at its best and show what you can achieve with an ad campaign that's tailored to the platform, instead of sticking up some banner ads or pre-rolls and hoping it does the job.

Caffrey's Live broadcast

This was an experimental campaign for the Irish ale brand Caffreys, partnering with Spotify and celebrity DJs Alex Zane and Pete Donaldson. Their aim was to create user-generated radio shows, maximising Spotify's API, giving them access to millions of songs. The campaign was perfectly aligned to Caffrey's new branding 'Redefining Smooth', where users were invited to vote on their favourite songs from lists compiled by the DJs, where the songs were exclusive remixes, covers or mashups. The most popular songs were then compiled into a public playlist and you could share your own playlist with friends.

It was run through Caffrey's campaign site in May this year

Coca-Cola App

Coca-Cola is undertaking a huge partnership with Spotify that will see the music service embedded within the company at many levels. As part of the deal, Coca-Cola will be releasing a new app with Spotify and the agreement will also see Spotify become the exclusive music provider within Coca-Cola's Facebook Timeline.

What's also been announced is an on-pack promotion with Coca-Cola which will include free trial codes added onto special cans of coke. This is a huge undertaking by Coca-Cola, showing Spotify's power to attract the big brands not only for once-off gimmicky campaigns, but long term partnerships that are crucial to Spotify as they begin to seriously monetise.

Spotify House Party

Showing that they can also get their own marketing right, yesterday Spotify hosted a huge 'virtual' house party with DJs Sebastian Ingrasso (of Swedish House Mafia fame) & Alesso. The house party allowed fans to connect with the DJs live by voting for the next song and commenting via live chat. The house party was held within Spotify's Soundrop app and was also hosted as an event on Facebook.

If you didn't manage to make it to the party last night, you can listen to all the songs that were recorded on the playlist below:

Obama's playlist

Never one to miss a trick when it comes to social media, Barack Obama recently used Spotify in his re-election campaign. The aim was to create a user-generated playlist, by calling for requests through Facebook and Twitter to create a 'winning soundtrack' to the campaign. Starting with, of course, Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen. Check out the full playlist here.

Herbal Essences campaign

Herbal Essences took their Spotify campaign a bit further than most with full integration on their Facebook Page. They asked fans to share and upload their favourite songs to sing in the shower. The campaign was run via a Facebook app on the Herbal Essences page, that was built with Spotify's API. Fans could search for the song they wanted to sing, then select it to add to the playlist. By sharing new songs to the playlist, you were also entered into a competition to win Herbal Essences products, incentivising fans to share. The campaign was run in December 2011.

Bonus - Ferguson loves Spotify

This isn't exactly a campaign (hence the bonus), but Spotify has been expanding by approaching different high profile groups, encouraging them to use Spotify. And it seems to be paying off. It recently carried out activity with Manchester United which saw them compile playlists by different players, sharing the music that they train to. The campaign culminated with a pretty nice tweet by Alex Ferguson, showing his love for the platform:

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