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Tesco Changes The Face Of Shopping With QR Codes In Korea

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One of the biggest retailers in the world Tesco is changing the way people shop and putting mobile phones and QR codes in particular ay the heart of the experience in an experiment in Korea. QR codes and mobile in general are far for advanced in the East than they are here in the West and this video shows how consumers are using them to replace normal every day tasks and further blend the online and offline worlds. If you'll excuse the annoying voice over in the video it is a great case study of how technology can make our busy lives easier in the future and how brands can increase their presence in a country by using online channels. It's too early to say if this sort of technology could be the future of shopping but it is certainly an innovative campaign that changes our perception of what online shopping should be like. It's clear that advertising is no longer good enough and that brands are looking for ways that they can engage users with QR codes and interactive ads and make the experience more engaging or even to drive sales. A super case study...

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