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Super Facebook Marketing Case Study - Xperia Social Xperiments

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This is a great little innovative campaign on Facebook from Sony Ericsson in Australia that we spotted over on Digital Buzz. With so many brands and businesses engaging on Facebook you see the same campaigns over and over again but this is something completely different and innovative. The idea was to change the brand perception because up until then their Facebook page had been used by people wanting to vent their frustration with the brand and point out problems with their service. The answer was to lock up and coming Australian Comedian Tommy Little in a room with nothing but his phone and have users direct him to do anything they wanted to via the Facebook page. There was a huge amount of interaction with users challenging him to do everything from waxing his legs to eating a pizza covered in Jelly Babies. All in all it seems to have been a great campaign that helped change the perception around the brand and increase interaction with fans. The experiment lasted for 8 hours and fans were also able to win new phones and at it's height there were 5 requests a second coming in to Tommy. What do you think? A super innovative piece of marketing isn't it?

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