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Stunning Time Lapse Captures New York From 100 Hotel Rooms

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New York is a city that buzzes 24/7 like no other but no photo or video ever does a great job of capturing the magic of the city without actually being there. That was until this video was released yesterday. It was created by a professional photographer

as a way of promoting his services and he filmed it by staying in 100 different hotel rooms to get as many angles as possible and using time lapse video. The short film is called : Manhattan in motion and the entire video was shot and produced in less than 3 months. The video has just been released but is sure to get millions of views and links to his social media profiles and website under the video will ensure that all the hard work that went in to this will result in more business and plenty of attention. Interestingly Mindrelic who produced the video is very clear in giving credit to all the hotels who supported and sponsored the project as well as the band providing the music which says to me that this was somebody working on a very low budget and putting in the hard work himself to get a stunning end result. This is such a simple concept and the marketing is so subtle (basically his name at the end and a couple of links below the video) but you know this is somebody who is going to go on to bigger and better things and his speculative video will land him tons of paid for work. Certainly one of the best videos of a city we have ever seen...

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