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Introducing The QR Code Haircut - Has The World Gone Mad?

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QR codes are all the rage these days

but this latest campaign is possibly taking it a bit too far with QR codes being carved in to a group of young people's heads. We have seen QR codes in all shapes and sizes over the last year as they have exploded in popularity but this is really taking things to a whole new level. The campaign was launched by a shampoo company who claimed to have no big media budget and were sick of all the beautiful (and expensive) TV commercials showing off hair in the same way so they wanted to do something that flipped it all on it's head and generated massive buzz online and offline. They recruited models to walk around the streets as well as getting celebrities involved and the entire campaign cost a fraction of a normal ad but apparently generated over $10 million in free advertising for the brand. The smart thing is that the whole campaign was tied back in to having a healthy scalp which is what is needed to do the QR code so they were getting their message across at the same time. This campaign is more of a stunt that gets coverage in the mainstream press rather than something that would actually be practically useful but it looks like it did it's job and its yet another innovative use of the QR code for marketing purposes...

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