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50 Brilliant Social Media B2B Case Studies

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We're proud to introduce our brand new ebook, of the top 50 business to business social media case studies. B2B social media campaigns don't often get much attention, but we think you'll be surprised at the amount of innovation coming from this area. There are some stunning case studies in our ebook that show the type of campaigns that are possible, no matter what your budget. Each case study has been prepared with an overview of the campaign and importantly, the key factors of success. Case studies have been grouped by industry sector, including websites, technology, recruitment, hospitality & finance.

The report is available to download now for €24.99 as an introductory offer. Fans of our site may have noticed that this is the first time we're charging for an ebook download. This is a reflection of the time that went into compiling and designing the report (b2b case studies are harder to come by!), and the quality of the content available. Check out this short extract below for an example of what you can find in our ebook :

Cisco Video Campaign

Campaign: Cisco launched an impressive Livestream video campaign to clearly demonstrate the benefit of their product, the ASR 900 Series. This was an interactive campaign that gave viewers the chance to disconnect the robotic arm to remove a switch processor card from a network router. While viewers who really know their stuff would expect this to disturb the video streaming temporarily, Cisco showed that this wasn't the case with Cisco Systems. The experience was incredibly personalised. Interested parties could contact Cisco to set up their own viewing experience to test it and see for themselves. The campaign was started with a promotional video that was shared online across many tech sites and blogs.

Why we like it: This is an incredibly innovative and original campaign from Cisco. It served to drive real business results, in addition to over 6,000 video views. This isn't bad considering how niche an audience they targeted – this was strictly for tech heads in the b2b space. This interest converted into 60 qualified leads which Cisco claim has generated over $80 million in revenue, purely through the live demo campaign.

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