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100 Must Follow Twitter Accounts To Improve Your Social Media Knowledge

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Your Twitter timeline is the main source of information that many of us rely on. There are some great listing tools out there like Wefollow and even Twitter itself is getting better at listing people but to be honest the real gems are the people you know and follow yourself. Our own main way of discovering people has always been by following conversations but we always have that nagging feeling that you are missing lots of great information by simply not having enough time to filter through all the best people to follow. We thought with the new follow button that Twitter introduced a couple of weeks ago that it would be great to make a quality list of 100 people that you can easily add to your Twitter timeline and give it a real injection of social media. These are all the people we follow and are a huge source of the information we get so hopefully you'll find the list useful...

Thought Leaders

Robert Scoble

Well known for being at the very cutting edge of tech and breaking news on start ups before anybody else has ever heard of them. You might not be able to keep up with all his tweets but a quick scan over them and you'll end up finding lots of cool new stuff. Scoble's tweets focus on latest tech news, new services and are (sometimes) disruptive but always forward-thinking.

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Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuck is a great person to follow if you want to find out how someone is effectively using their personal social media following to build a personal brand that can launch products. Vaynerchcuk is always ahead of the curve and is full of good advice for individuals and businesses in how to apply effective social media marketing, from first-hand experience.

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Jeremiah Owyang

If you're looking for industry perspective and stats on how social media is growing as a business, then Jeremiah Owyang is your man. Currently working as industry analyst at Altimeter Group, Owyang often tweets from conferences and seminars he's running or attending and is excellent for real business analysis on the social media industry, such as following new hires within social media.

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Louis Gray

The amount of content Louis Gray produces through Twitter and his blog is incredible and you can be sure he's always going to uncover a great new website or app before anyone else, with a comprehensive review of how it's going to perform. Louis is a true mover and shaker, and you can expect him to be tweeting from some well known social network HQ at least once a week, assuring his audience that he's got the inside track. He often gets into insightful debates or conversations on Twitter that provide new insight into topics.

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Mari Smith

If you're looking for great links and original thinking, then Mari Smith is the one you want. Working as a speaker in social media, Mari is incredibly active in the online community and you can be sure to discover other great people to follow through her account. Mari is also particularly good to follow if you're looking for tips or links to articles with the latest developments and advice to follow in social media marketing first hand.

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Dave Peck

Currently director of community at the Palo Alto research centre, Dave is a very busy tweeter so you might find it hard to keep up, but if you do you can expect to find great links to social media business articles and more. Peck's Twitter feed is excellent for finding links to articles you probably wouldn't find otherwise.

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Seth Godin

No social media list would be complete without him, though perhaps for Twitter it's slightly unusual. Seth isn't really active on Twitter himself, but you can follow his blog feed, which is a great way to keep up with articles which are always incredibly insightful and you pretty much always end up wishing you had thought of his blog posts yourself! I would still recommend following his account to be the first in the know about his posts, though you wouldn't get the conversation on Twitter you might expect

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Connie Bensen

Working as social media strategist at Alterian, Connie Bensen is regularly named as a thought leader in social media strategy and the wider industry. Connie often links to great articles from others as well as posts from her own blog, which focuses on high-level marketing strategy and community management.

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Brian Solis

Brian Solis is a forward thinker in the social media space and is also excellent at sharing links to articles, blog posts and research. This makes his Twitter feed a particularly good resource, as well as his own tweets being thought-provoking as well. He is currently with Altimeter and often publishes his own research into social technologies and has also authored books in PR and social media.

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Danny Brown

Danny is the CEO at Bonsai interactive but it is his blog and through his twitter feed that he really shines. Shares lots of useful information and insightful thought provoking posts that always engage the readers in conversation. Not only is he forward thinking in terms of his ideas but he is always there to listen and to answer comments as well.

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Tech Journalists

Jason Kincaid

One of the best known writers on Techcrunch and also keeps his own blog which writes about trends within the industry. Always at events and on the cutting edge of social media and technology trends. Has especially good insights and sources on Facebook and his weekly show on Techcrunch TV is well worth watching for a summary of the week's tech events.

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MG Seigler

Another writer at Techcrunch who is passionate about Technology and well networked to break the big stories about the likes of Facebook and Twitter. He has been stirring up quite a lot of noise recently with an ongoing "battle" with Facebook PR about the release of their new app which Techcrunch leaded. Also has a great weekly show on Techcrunch TV which sums up the tech industry and all the latest trends that are happening.

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Michael Arrington

Founder of Techcrunch who started writing the site himself but who taken a more passive role since they sold it to AOL. He has always been outspoken since he started the blog by writing about start ups and that hasn't really changed since the sale to AOL. Seems to be more focused on the high level stories and happy to leave the day to day running to the Techcrunch team but does still break the odd big story because of his large network of contacts.

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Jemima Kiss

Jemima writes for the Guardian and covers all things technology which includes a strong focus on start ups and social media. She has a large following on Twitter and often shares excellent content which is not just her own. Jemima also travels extensively with the Guardian to events and to meet start ups as well as featuring on an excellent weekly technology podcast on the Guardian.

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Erin Biba

Erin Biba is a contributor to Wired Magazine and is often way ahead of the curve with the services and apps she tweets about, making this a great account to follow for emerging news in the tech industry. As well as following her writing for Wired, she also has a great blog where you can follow a wide range of topics and personal musings!

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Emma Barnett

As digital media editor at the Daily Telegraph, Emma Barnett's Twitter account features frequent links to tech news from the Telegraph. This is a good account to follow for a mix of tech/digital news as well as being a fun personal Twitter account that you can get a lot out of.

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Nick Bilton

Nick Bilton blogs on the New York Times Bits blog and his Twitter account is excellent to follow for regular links to his writing as well as other interesting links in digital media, apps, sites and more. Nick Bilton is also a successful author, making this an authoritative account to follow.

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Jay Yarow

Jay Yarow is the editor of SAI - the tech section of Business Insider and his Twitter profile is incredibly entertaining and informative, with insightful comments into the tech industry. I thoroughly recommend you follow Jay not only to follow the latest news on Business Insider, but for his own analysis alone, often way ahead of others in his field.

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Natali Morris

Natali Morris is an excellent tech writer and one that should definitely be on your follow list. Having previously worked for Cnet, she now works as a freelancer contributing to Forbes and Consumer Reports.She's a very active tweeter and an expert in many tech and digital disciplines. If you follow this account, you will definitely stay well informed.

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Marshall Kirkpatrick

You'll probably already know him from writing on Read Write Web but Marshall also writes his own blog that features technology mixed with some other subjects. Generally a good person to follow if you want to stay on top of the latest trends.

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We Are Social

This social media and conversation agency maintain an active Twitter account that contains company news as well as links to their own blog posts that contain excellent stats and research in the social media industry that can be invaluable for businesses and social media practitioners looking for a little bit more to boost their social media knowledge. Their blog also ranks at number 74 (currently) in the Ad Age Power 150, which is testament to the content they produce.

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Forrester Research

This is really the daddy of agencies on Twitter. Forrester Research's Twitter account is incredibly active and keeps its followers informed of the latest posts on their blog, as well as regularly retreating other profiles and involving their followers in research itself. sourcing opinion and stats from within their Twitter community. There's a lot of content on there, due to the vast amount of writers they have, which means you can always find something new and interesting to click through to.

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Whilst Edelman are really a traditional PR agency, they still have great insight into social media thinking and campaigns. They don't just link through to their own blogs, but recommend other people to follow and often engage in one on one conversations on Twitter, which can be more unusual for an agency. A great account for following the mix between traditional and new media

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This is Dare

As an agency Dare are known for being creative and sometimes a bit disruptive and this continues perfectly through their Twitter account. The tone is very quirky and personal and keeps followers up to date with latest news and projects from the agency, as well as links to other articles. A great account to follow if you're looking for informative and fun updates within the digital marketing space. Also particularly good for recruitment opportunities.

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Ogilvey has built up an impressive 51,000 followers on Twitter, which you might expect from a super-sized agency such as theirs. Ogilvy are particularly good at sending links to creative social media campaigns and apps developed by brands, that allow you to see social media marketing done a little bit differently. They don't really engage with other users on Twitter, but the content alone makes up for that, making this a resourceful Twitter account, rather than one to engage with first hand.

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McCann Erickson PR

This is one of the best McCann accounts to follow, as they are particularly active with other Twitter users, as well as posting news and links from their own site. It's encouraging to see an agency that focuses more on conversation with individual users, which sees their account being a popular destination for many people. It also portrays the agency in an excellent way as it keeps people up to date with events that they're at and tongue in cheek updates, giving it a real personality.

Young & Rubicam

This is a slightly different Twitter account to feature, as it's not as active as you might think, but it still deserves its place on the list. They're particularly good at keeping followers up to date with live campaigns, allowing you to see their work in action and also proving themselves as a good news source for bloggers. This is almost exclusively about news relating to the agency, but that just makes it informative, rather than engaging, which also has its merits.

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Porter Novelli

The Porter Novelli Twitter account (focused on New York) is incredibly active and is a great case study in business tweeting done well. As an agency they offer a wide range of services from brand marketing to social media consultancy and their tweets focus on agency news, interesting links and high level analysis of the digital marketing industry. Latest blog post

Nixon McInnes

Nixon McInnes are a creative social media agency who maintain an incredibly active Twitter profile that is particularly good at showing the great community the agency has with its staff. They regularly retweet colleague's own accounts and links to personal blog posts which shows the talent they have in-house, while also creating good content for followers. Excellent thinkers in social media for good marketing, definitely one to follow for a bit of fun as well as insightful thinking. Latest blog post

Universal McCann

While Universal McCann maintain great Twitter profiles for individual regions where they have a business presence, their worldwide account is great for following the agency overall and what they get up to in different markets. It's particularly good for following their campaigns from around the world, as well as discovering interesting articles and content from other tweeters that they regularly rewet. Latest blog post


With a huge community on Twitter, Razorfish are doing a great job of providing a useful service for their 42,000+ followers. As an enterprising design agency you would expect their Twitter account to be fun and engaging, and that's exactly what it is. What's particularly good is that they enable their followers to find their employees through other sites, regularly tweeting when an employee writes a guest post for example. Latest blog post


As a digital agency Lightmaker have a relatively small following on Twitter, but that doesn't take away from the content they offer. They seem to be particularly good at spotting conversations on Twitter they can be part of, to attract new followers and business, which shows they're using Twitter as an effective marketing channel for themselves, as well as using it to share links and agency news. Latest blog post

The Social Agency

An online PR and social media agency that regularly retweets other users to bring their followers new content and people to follow. Their account is incredibly active and portrays a great personality for the agency. Far from using Twitter just to toot their own horn, they're all about maintaining their community as well. Latest blog post


Representing one of the few research agencies using Twitter effectively, Synovate is a great account to follow to find links to stats and research that can prove to be invaluable resources. While not specific to digital, many of their posts and articles relate to digital marketing and social media trends, as well as the wider tech industry. Latest blog post

Jennifer Berson

This is a great example of a personalized agency account, as the agency is and Twitter profile is run by Jennifer Berson, showing how a business Twitter account can also work for individuals. Jennifer mixes personal content with updates related to beauty and lifestyle PR, which she is a leading practitioner in. Latest blog post

Agency Republic

Agency Republic are a digital agency that maintain a particularly fun Twitter account, featuring links to fun, creative campaigns and apps with a personalized approach and tone of voice. They also keep followers up to date with key news from the agency such as job opportunities and client work. Latest blog post


360i is an innovative digital agency that often tweet links to breaking news, as well as showing the great personality of their agency with personalized tweets, though they rarely send individual replies to other users. This is more of a great information resource for the digital marketing industry. Latest blog post

Bravo PR

This is an interesting one as it's the account of the in-house PR team at Bravo, though I think it still deserves its place on the list, as it has all the content and interaction you'd expect from a full PR agency, and indeed the size of their community would stand for this. They're an excellent example of a brand using a dedicated PR account well and they don't just restrict themselves to Bravo content, though this does make up the majority, as you would expect. Latest blog post


Representing an agency within an industry specialim, Travel PR maintain an excellent Twitter account that shows you don't need to restrict yourself to tweeting about your agency practice alone to maintain a good account. They're excellent at finding entertaining content online that you might not discover yourself, with great apps and videos to pass the time online, which helps users to associate them with the kind of fun work they can carry out as an agency. Latest blog post


Though their content features their own clients very heavily, they regularly post links to great apps and games online, with an emphasis more on engaging content than industry analysis or high-level articles, which makes the account engaging, which is certainly working well for their followers, as they've built up over 20,000 on their account. Latest Blog post

SEO Experts

Andrew Girdwood

Working for Big Mouth Media, Andrew is an all-round digital marketing expert that is particularly skilled in SEO. Andrew often shares links to interesting SEO articles and is a great thinker in SEO and social media working together, often getting involved in good discussions in Twitter that alert followers to other profiles to follow as well as providing throught-provoking analysis. Latest blog post

Danny Sullivan

As editor of search engine land, you'd probably expect some good stuff from Danny in the SEO space, and his Twitter account doesn't disappoint. Danny shares excellent links to articles about the search industry, as well as very regular tweets that provide insight into various aspects of SEO, especially new developments or additions by Google, that can enable you to get an early handle on how you can benefit from them and how they might impact your SEO strategy. Latest blog post

Matt Cutts

This is the account to follow if you want the inside track from Google. Matt Cutts is the head of the webspam team at Google and he regularly features links to his own articles and videos that provide easy to follow tips and insight into SEO at Google. As this is his personal account, there's plenty of updates outside of the Google / SEO space but it's still one of the most informative accounts to follow for SEO. Latest blog post

Gerald Weber

Gerald is the founder of a search engine agency and is a leading thinker in both SEO and SEM. He tirelessly posts links to lesser known articles around SEO, often with top tips that people can follow for their own SEO strategy. Follow this account more for the content you can discover, than one on one interaction. Latest blog post

Rand Fishkin

Rand is the co-founder of SEO software SEO Moz and as well as an active Twitter account, also maintains a great blog that you can follow through his account. He is an active member of the SEO community. He often generates good discussion on SEO through his account and keeps followers informed of the latest SEO news and events. Definitely one to follow! Latest blog post

Ann Smarty

Ann is a leading SEO thinker, who also runs a community site for guest bloggers. As an SEO consultant, Ann's profile is full of good SEO links, as well as personal tweets that make this an interesting account to follow. Her content and blog posts come from first hand SEO experience and it's incredibly accessible content for individuals and small businesses that want to implement an effective SEO strategy. Latest blog post

Search Engine Land

The official account for Search Engine Land, this features links to all the articles on the site but they also enter into conversations with other users, providing interesting disucssion into SEO topics. Some of the content is fairly advanced, but is a comprehensive overview of the SEO industry.

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Lee Odden

Lee Odden is the CEO of Toprank blog and tweets about SEO meeting social media, which provides some interesting content and analysis. Social SEO is steadily emerging as a leading practice and both SEO experts and social media experts should follow this account for leading insight and tips on implementation. Latest blog post

Dave Naylor

Frequently speaking on SEO and search marketing at conferences, Dave Naylor is active in the SEO scene and a great person to follow on Twitter. His account mainly focuses on SEO and digital news. Sometimes more focused on SEM as well as SEO, this is still a good account to follow for wider combined search strategy Latest blog post

Andy Beard

Another good account to follow for those interested in SEO and social media working together, Andy Beard is the product manager at uQast. The content isn't necessarily for beginners, but is a great account for those looking for advanced analysis and SEO discussion Latest blog post

News Sites


One of the biggest and most reputable technology blogs in the world that often cover news relating to the biggest social networks and the funding behind them. Often first to break news stories and feature updates. Recently acquired by AOL. Covers start ups and breaking brand new social technologies as they launch and is a must read for anybody in the space.

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The original social media blog that covers practical examples, marketing case studies, guest posts and video content. Moving in to other channels as it gets bigger but still essentially a social media blog at heart. The blog was started by Pete Cashmore but with a team of over 40 writers now it is more of a media platform rather than a blog even if it does keep the traditional blog format.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about the world's biggest social network. The blog is 100% dedicated to Facebook and will often break stories about new features or product launches happening on Facebook. The blog also features many of the common memes and breaking news stories from around the world that are breaking exclusively on Facebook. You'll also find a handy list of suppliers and agencies who provide Facebook services attached to the blog.

Latest blog post

Social Times

A partner site of All Facebook but focuses on all the social networks often having good video content and stories that are getting a lot of attention online for being quirky. Updated on a regular basis and could for light reading. The blog also has regular online conferences, training and other forms of social media knowledge that you can benefit from.

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Read Write Web

Quite a technical blog looking at all the latest apps, features and developments on social networks but often features content of a non technical nature as well. Good for people who want to start thinking about developing for social networks or the platforms that surround them. This blog will often be first to break some of the more technical stories from the social networks.

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The Next Web

Our favorite on the list (we write for them on occasion) and a great source of news from the world of tech, gadgets and social media. One of the few world class tech blogs in Europe with a global audience. The site has some great verticals and plenty of content meaning that every time you go back it feels different. Also well known for it's annual conference in Amsterdam and growing in to an international force.

Latest blog post


Written by Om Malik this blog provides great insight in to all of the biggest social networks and some of the bigger picture thinking that makes them work. Also has a great pro section with additional features including in depth research by a large team which is used by companies and professionals all over the world. Om is super well connected and often has great insights from VCs, companies, social networks and other people within the industry.

Latest blog post

Inside Facebook

Another blog that is completely dedicated to Facebook but instead of having a consumer focus this is dedicated to developers and the people who make a living out of Facebook. Lots of information about the latest platform changes and updates to apps etc. The blog also has some really handy lists of the best performing pages, apps and features within Facebook. A must read for anybody developing on the Facebook platform.

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Social Media Examiner

This really is one of the best blogs around for keeping up with all the latest changes to the various social networks.They will often provide detailed lists and guides on all the latest features of various sites and the way that you can benefit from them. Maintained by a whole host of the best social media minds in the USA the content is always fresh and engaging. They also have some great video content from their conferences on occasion.

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Venture Beat

Essentially a technology blog that covers everything from social media to gadgets but does so with very much a business focus. Has a good mixture of the latest breaking news but also some good insights and analysis looking beyond just the headline. The site is expanding and starting to break down in to lots of different subsections including entrepreneurship, games. green tech and more.

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Tech Company Founders

Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose is the original founder of Digg, who has since moved on from the site to become an angel investor. His latest venture is mobile app development with Milk Inc, where he is the CEO and co-founder. Kevin has been known to break some pretty interesting stories through covert tweets, such as announcing that Google were investing in a social platform, months ahead of the actual release. He's the one to follow to get the latest tips and information from the tech scene, as well as pointers to new services or apps in the early stages. Latest blog post

Dave Morin

Dave Morin has a pretty impressive track record, where he was an early member of the Facebook team, where he also co-invented Facebook Connect. Since then he's gone on to found Path - which limits users to 50 connections to share content. Dave is incredibly active among the tech industry and often tweets about other big players in the scene that he's met, with links to new services as well. Dave is particularly good at sharing news of Path, most recently with their new product 'With Me' and it's a great way to see inside the world of apps and how they're actually run as companies.

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Loic Le Meur

Loic is the founder of Seesmic and Le Web - one of the largest and most interesting tech conferences in Europe. Loic is incredibly active on Twitter, and as well as sharing interesting links and tips on new products, regularly engages in interesting debates that give interesting insights into the tech industry and new sites, issues and apps as they emerge. He is an incredibly influential thinker and is especially active in the Twitter community for someone with such a large following, tirelessly replying to people's comments and retweeting links and mentions. Latest blog post

Jack Dorsey

If there's one founder you want to follow on Twitter, it's probably this one. Jack Dorsey is co-founder of Twitter and was responsible for the idea that started the site. Since co-founding Twitter he's also focused his attentions on the startup Square, which is a mobile product that allows users to process credit card transactions. His tweets are pretty enviable, as he's always sharing news of having been at meetings or partiess in Twitter HQ, Square, or pretty much any online company you'd love to meet. Follow for tips of what's coming up on Twitter & Square, and rumors of new services to launch, way ahead of public release. Latest blog post

Seth Goldstein

Seth is the co-founder of the startup music site , along with Billy Chasen. They're the same team behind the mobile barcodes Stickybits. Though Turntable is still incredibly new, Seth deserves his place on the list as this is one of the most interesting times to follow a founder of an exciting internet company. As you would expect, he's been incredibly active on Twitter in the past few weeks, busily tweeting about Turntable and answering people's queries. Definitely one to follow as Turntable develops and grows in popularity even more. Latest blog post

Jason Fried

Jason is the founder of 37 Signals, which has brought us apps such as Basecamp, Highrise and Campfire. While Jason always writes interesting tweets, most recently he's started tweeting about the process of selling Sortfolio - their product that contains a directory of web designers, being incredibly open and honest and showing a new approach to the acquisition process. His account is particularly entertaining and is great for discovering cool new apps you might not have heard about otherwise. A very interesting person to follow. Latest blog post

Brian Chesky

Brian may have a fairly modest following on Twitter for such a high-profile founder, but he is a good one to follow as Airbnb is currently going through a fast rate of expansion. His Twitter account keeps users updated of the latest developments at the startup and his passion and excitement for the product is great to feel part of. He is incredibly active in responding to queries, problems, or praise people have with the site and this level of involvement is impressive to see and great to follow. Latest blog post

Arianna Huffington

Arianna is the founder and presidents of the Huffington media group. As one of the largest and most influential blogs (and one of the first involved in a high-proifle acquisition), the founder is well worth following to get breaking news, as well as insight into running a successful blog-based business. As the Huffington Post is launching a few new products, such as a baby boomers site and a rollout in France, Arianna is even more deserving of a follow now, as she provides the latest updates into company developments and the general life of a very busy founder. Latest blog post

Burt Herman

Burt Herman is the founder and CEO of Storify, which creates stories out of content shared through social media. His is an interesting account to follow as he has a journalistic background, and he tweets a lot on the development on Storify and the latest issues in the tech industry. His tweets on the role of journalism and how it's developing through social media are particularly interesting, making this a good account to follow. Latest blog post

Denis Crowley

As the founder of Foursquare, Denis Crowley is interesting to follow, particularly as they head for an interesting time with new developments and new competition to face. He has to be one of the busiest tweeters around, constantly sharing updates from Foursquare HQ and his general travels. Latest blog post

Social Networking Tools


The biggest social network of them all keeps an active Twitter presence and will keep you up to date with their latest feature changes, new updates, blog posts and any changes to their privacy policy or terms and conditions. Often the first place that they will announce news so a good account to keep an eye on for those using Facebook every day.


The biggest video sharing site in the world has it's own twitter account with over 3 million followers and as you would expect they share some of the best videos from the site as well as breaking news and new features on the site. As you would expect with an account this size it is not very conversational but there are lots of great links being shared.


Linkedin is the professional network of choice for most but they also have a presence on Twitter where not only do they share links to their blog posts and other latest news but they also talk to users who have issues and get involved with solving problems. It's a great example of a big network using Twitter effectively.


Wordpress is the blogging platform of choice for many and they use their Twitter account to keep all publishers up to date with the latest changes on the platform, news and blog posts. They also help with any support issues and generally point people in the right direction. A good resource for security updates and changes in the platform.


Even though some might say that Tumblr is a sort of competitor to Twitter they do have their very own Twitter account and it's a very good one. Not only do they help support the community but they also answer queries and highlight some of the best new Tumblrs that are out there to their 100k+ followers.




Although Digg has been falling in terms of traffic and the number of users using the site recently it is still a great source for finding the best stories online through their very active community. They only share a couple of the best stories per day via the Twitter account so you can be sure that what they do share is worth clicking through and viewing.


With over 1.2 billion page views and a massively active community Reddit has taken over somewhat from Digg as one of the best places to find news stories online especially in the political space and quirky funny content. Their Twitter account only shares the stories that get a lot of points so it's a great way of accessing the very best of the site and making the most of the community without using the site itself.


This is an account that is managed by Guy Kawasaki (he of Apple fame) that is tied in with his sites Alltop and Holykaw. It brings a mixture of some of the best stories from around the web that day with a mixture of funny videos, insightful articles and a bunch of other technology focused content from around the world.


This is an account that tweets all the news stories from Y combinator that make at least 20 points and it's a great source of tech news online where once again the community does the hard work of voting and you just read the best stuff via Twitter. it is pretty technical geeky news but you'll often find some gems in there that appeal to non programmers as well.

Business Insider

This blog or news site pulls tons of content in from other sites around the world across many different verticals but it always has a strong tech angle. Although there is a lot of noise from the Twitter account and a good chance that the content has been published elsewhere already you will find some gems in here.


Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott is the author of Wikinomics, which looks at the way collaboration has changed as a result of social technologies. He has also authored Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing the World and Macrowikinomics. He is one of the most influential thinkers and authorities on the evolution of social media today and his Twitter account makes for a fascinating read, through the links that he shares, and his viewpoint on emerging issues. Latest blog post

Doc Searls

Co-author of arguably one of the most influential books in the evolution of the internet and how it's changed the way companies communicate, Doc Searls is an incredibly interesting writer to follow. He maintains one of the most interesting Twitter accounts, regularly updating from conferences, posting interesting links and also updating on the progress from his latest book. Latest blog post

Tim Ferriss

As author of the 4-Hour Workweek,Tim Ferriss is one of the most innovative and original thinkers you'll come across, and is very active among the emerging tech scene. His Twitter account is full of high energy tweets and is also great for following his blog which has great advice for startups and entrepreneurs. If you follow his updates regularly you'll also find more unusual links to books and articles with a new way to approach your personal and work life, with invaluable advice. Latest blog post

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson is the author Free, which looks at how businesses can monetise and change their revenue model in the digital era. He also maintains the blog The Long Tail, which you can follow through his Twitter updates. And as editor in chief of Wired, Twitter users don't get much more interesting than Chris Anderson, who defines the meaning of having your finger on the pulse. And all of this is available through his tweets, which share emerging news stories and an interesting stance on the evolution of the digital space. Latest blog post

Jeff Howe

Following with another author who's also involved with Wired Magazine - Jeff Howe wrote the seminal book 'Crowdsourcing' and is also a contributing editor at Wired. Crowdsourcing was an important book in showing how social technologies have opened up the possibilities for collaboration and knowledge sharing. And as he is set to join as a contributing editor, following his work at Wired, now is a particularly good time to start following him. His account is full of interesting tweets about journalism and crowdsourcing. Latest blog post

Carl Zimmer

Covering some fascinating topics, Carl Zimmer is a science writer whose most recent book is A Life of Viruses. While his writings are completely different to the areas of social media and communications, we wanted to include him on the list, to help you discover completely different people to follow on Twitter. Following his account is a great way to get an education in different areas such as psychology, viruses and a myriad of other unusual topics! Fascinating tweets in between all the tecchy stuff we're used to.

Latest blog post

Ann Handley

Going under the name 'MarketingProfs', Ann Handley is an incredibly interesting author, whose works focus on content creation and how it can be used by individuals and organizations in the digital era. Her book 'Content Rules' is a guide to how organizations can use content to entice and entertain their consumers. With an incredibly popular Twitter account, she is a very active tweeter and well worth following for updates from conferences and seminars, and her conversations with other people on Twitter into digital media and content creation. Latest blog post

Erik Qualman

Erik Qualman is the author of Socialnomics and a master of self-promotion through innovative methods. Socialnomics was one of the most important reads for social media practitioners, brands and digital marketers, and the content contained within the book is extended through his Twitter account. He is always engaging with other users on Twitter and is particularly generous at responding to the (many) people that mention his work. He also often has the first scoop on new social tools and apps. Latest blog post

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is known as one of the most passionate and dedicated bloggers on social media, and is also the co-author of Trust Agents with Julien Smith. You should follow his account for excellent advice and tips that cover marketing, social media, business, entrepreneurship and more. He is a regular speaker at events meaning you can also follow updates from tonnes of conferences through his account. Latest blog post

Jeff Jarvis

Jeff Jarvis is an established author, journalist and blogger, who wrote the book What Would Google Do? The book offered an insight into how the internet has changed the way we do business and interact with customers. You can find him over on his blog buzzmachine and follow his account for interesting insight into the news industry, how journalism is changing and tweets on breaking news stories, with a humorous, often dry slant that makes for great reading. juah`uY±@! Latest blog post

Interesting Start Ups


The people behind Instagram run a very active account where they consistently reply to tweets with suggestions, problems or comments on the service. As you'd expect they share some great links to amazing Instagram pictures, as well as developments from within the company. It's great to see a service like this being so active, as with being just a team of 5 you can imagine there's not much spare time to give to Twitter, so it's great to see the dedication they've got here. It's also interesting to follow such a hot new startup from the early stages.

Milk Inc

The Twitter bio for Milk reads 'we are building' and while the tweets might not give much away as to what's in development, it's great to follow this account from the start to see what releases are being announced and the latest developments, though these are often cryptic. As the app company is close to releasing its first mobile app in beta, now is a good time to follow them to be the first in the know about what's sure to be an exciting product.


Klout is certainly on the rise at the moment, with developments including an integration with to make their influence measurement available to a whole new audience. Their Twitter account is particularly interesting, with a mix of customer service, product development and news about the company's growth overall.


A slightly different one to follow here, as the startup Foodspotting contains no end of links and tweets to all things foody, as well as news about the company itself. They're steadily building up a foodie community through their app that allows you to simply share photos of food from restaurants, that others can discover. Their Twitter account has a good mix of the product news you want to see, and staying true to their core product by building up the food-loving community.


The mobile payment software and hardware solution has got everyone talking at the moment and while they don't update their Twitter account too often, they always post news of milestones within the company or the latest developments, making this a good source for news stories or blog posts as well. They're also pretty active on the exhibition and conference circuit at the moment, sharing news of where they're exhibiting next and also retreating follower's comments on the service


While Groupon may not exactly be a spare-bedroom type startup anymore, they're still a startup worth following to see how the company develops, particularly as they face competition from new services such as Facebook Deals. While there is a fair amount of customer service on their Twitter profile, they also share what's new at the company. Their Twitter account seems to have a particularl quirky personality, making you feel like you're actually following a real person, which is nice to see with a more established brand such as theirs.


Quora is an interesting one to follow, as unlike the others on this list, there are almost no tweets that relate to company news, but instead it's all focused on the service itself, as they reweet or feature links to some of the more unusual and interesting questions on Quora. This makes for interesting content among your other usual Twitter feed as it's a fun way to dip in and out of unusual topics and following great discussions.

Empire Avenue

Among the tweets that focus on product development and company news, the Empire Ave account is actually a great resource for those generally interested in social media, as they share links to interesting posts, but also their own thoughts on how social media is evolving, and the part that Empire Avenue plays in that. They're very busy tweeting replies to people that are interested in the site, which is great to see.


Operating in a fairly hot area at the moment, Earbits is a young startup that offers a personalized online radio service. Having just raised a round of seed funding, now is a good time to start following this relatively small company on Twitter to follow the latest developments. Instead of just tweeting about their product, their tweets offer a really good, insightful analysis of the online music industry overall, as well as commenting on (slightly) competing services such as Turntable. A great account to educate yourself into the next hot development, as social media meets music more and more.


Though it might not seem like the sexiest products, Evernote is one of the most exciting startups to follow right now. Their service basically lets you 'remember anything' , with an easy way of managing your lists, to dos, photos and more through an app that's accessible on desktops, online and mobile. They raised $20 million in funding last year and look close to completing another round, making them undoubtedly one to watch. Their Twitter account contains a lot of detail on their latest developments and important milestones within the company.

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