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With Steve Jobs Gone, Is Apple's Advertising Starting to Suffer?

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I love Apple as a company. Everything it does is classy, its products are usually the best designed in the world and it has had runaway success even after Steve Jobs passed away last summer.

One of the biggest factors in their overall success is, of course, their wonderful marketing. It's what a large amount of its money is spent on. Steve Jobs himself was a product genius, but he was also a master at developing marketing campaigns and I am just wondering if we are starting to see his influence on the company fade away with some of the ads that have been released of late.

Gone are the iconic simple ads that make you lust after the products being replaced instead by ads that feature celebrities and cheap laughs. It doesn't seem to be harming Apple in the short run and part of it could be to do with them going after a broader mass market, but there is no doubt in my mind that Apple's advertising is starting to suffer in a post Steve Jobs world.

Would Steve Have Approved These?

Some of the ads that have been coming out in the last six months have been shocking. They used to only focus on the product, but now celebrities and this shocking "Apple Genius" character have been brought into the mix. You only have to look at the shocking votes these have on Youtube to see how much even the Apple faithful hate these.

Job's Iconic Touch

Although Steve Jobs wouldn't have been personally involved in all the ads that Apple made, there is no doubt that he would have signed them all off. He wouldn't have let any of the above cross his desk and be aired to the public.

Looking at the ads for the iPhone and the iPad, you can see that they are wonderfully simple (like Apple products), beautifully designed and they focus on nothing but the product, without having to rely on celebs, or cheap laughs. These ads feel a million miles away from what Apple's firing out these days.

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