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Twitter Still Most Popular Social Networking Site Among Corporations; YouTube Growing Fast

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A new study, conducted by American PR firm Burson-Marsteller, has revealed that Twitter remains the most popular social network among Fortune's Global 100 companies.

'The Global Social Media Check Up 2012' also found that YouTube usage is on the rise within the world's largest corporations. 82% of the Global 100 have active Twitter accounts, while the percentage of Global 100 companies with a branded YouTube channel has risen from 39% to 79% in the past year.

Burson-Marseller say that their results indicate that the Global 100 are "becoming more comfortable than ever using social media." The fact that 79% of corporate Twitter accounts try to engage users through @mentions' and 93% of corporate Facebook accounts are updated weekly are definite indications that big businesses are adapting well to social media, and they are being reward for doing so. Global 100 Twitter accounts are followed by 14,709 followers on average; that's up form 1,489 in 2010. Their Facebook accounts are now 'liked' by an average of 152,646 users compared with 40,884 two years ago.

The Global 100 are even ahead of the curve with regard to newer social media as 48% of the surveyed companies have a Google+ account and 25% have signed-up to Pinterest. Companies also have more accounts that ever before, with some even boasting multiple accounts per site so as to promote different aspects of their business as well as to placate multiple nations and languages.

The increased efforts to engage with social media are being rewarded by the general public. The data found that, in one month, Global 100 companies were mentioned a total of 10.4 million times across blogs and forums and 5.6 million times on Twitter. The intense focus on YouTube is also paying dividends as Global 100 YouTube channels now average 2 million subscribers and 1,669 subscribers.

"People want to interact and connect with these major companies, and these platforms are the bridge directly to the heart of these organizations,” according to Burson-Marsteller Chief Global Digital Strategist Dallas Lawrence. "What's even more impressive is how much companies are engaging back with followers. Seventy-nine percent of corporate accounts attempt to engage on Twitter with retweets and '@mentions', and 70% of corporate Facebook pages are responding to comments on their walls and timelines.”

Burson-Marseller has created an infographic displaying the results of this report, which you can find here.

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