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Tweet your team in the Lego digilympics

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What happens when you combine lego, a worldwide sporting event, some Arduino boards and a creative hacking mind? The Lego digilympics, of course! If you're looking for a bit of alternative Olympics action, then this project by Samuel Cox may be just what you're looking for. He's created a Twitter-based experiment using Lego figures, each representing different teams, which will race to the finish line powered by tweets from supporters.

The project ran from 18th July and has unfortunately been cut short(due to the project founder moving house!). The teams involved were UK, US, Canada & Japan.

How it works

The experiment was based on Arduino (also known as the internet of things), where a 'processing sketch' scanned the four Twitter accounts for @ replies. These were then relayed back to the four lego models, which were attached to the Arduino board. At the end of each race, the teams were sent back to the start for the fun to begin again.

Check out more of Samuel's work here.

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