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Google Analytics' Remarketing Feature Helps You Identify Interested Customers

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To help online retailers better optimise their site and take advantage of those users who revisit the site or are regular customers, Google has introduced a new beta feature called Remarketing With Google Analytics to help better understand and react to such an audience.

The Remarketing feature is aimed mainly at retailers. It helps tap into the different insights about those visitors who show an interest in their products and services, like identify visitors who spend time viewing specific pages or who put items in their shopping cart.

Designed to make adjusting to changes easier, Remarketing will help you discover these customers so you can automatically send consumer lists to Google Adwords and run targeted ads within minutes. These ads will be run across the Google Display Network and will be tailored to this specific audience.

Google say that this beta feature will be rolled out in waves to all Google Analytic by the end of the summer. This will apply to those users who are account administrators who have at least one linked Google AdWords account. Further info about Remarketing with Google Analytics can be found here.

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