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Technology and crowdsourcing; the new way to make a music video

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If you ever had to think up of the ways to make a music video, using iPhone apps wouldn't be the first thing to come to mind. Yet a UK band have thought just that and have decided to do something different for their next music video.

The Vaccines, a London-based indie rock band, have decided to create the video for their new single, ‘Wetsuits' by using crowdsourcing as their method. They're asking their fans to take photos of any music festivals they attend (or have attended) using and upload them to a special site to be used in their new music video.

Fans can tag their selected photos using the hashtag #vaccinesvideo, where they would then be. All photos that are sent are published on an online gallery which is updated regularly and the selected photos will be combined to create an animated photo video.

It's believed that The Vaccines are the first band to use images to create a music video although they are not the first to use photos to create a video, chances are others will follow suit if it's successful. is an iPhone photo sharing app that allows you to take and share retro styled photos, publishing photos a vintage style similar to those found with old Polaroid camera.

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