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How Good Are You At Facebook? Get Your Report Card Now

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They say you never really leave school behind you, and that phrase is certainly true when you look at one of the latest hottest applications for Facebook. Report Card

generates a grade for your Facebook profile based on number of friends, photos, status updates, links, videos and likes.

This quirky little app has been gaining a lot of traction recently with over 490,000 monthly users. People seem to love the idea of a school report on their Facebook use, because it has 4.1 stars out 5 too.

After generating a grade from A-F grade on each of the individual areas of Facebook use, the application gives you an "average" grade, based on your total count. Users worldwide are having great fun comparing their grades against one another. It's just another example of the walls between the offline and online world being broken down. Facebook apps are taking what we're familiar with in the real world and then putting a new spin on it by grading you on something you do online.

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