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Citroen Launch Mobile And Facebook Real World Hide And Seak Game To Win Cars

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Real world games using location based services are hot property in marketing these days and Citreon have just launched a huge mobile and Facebook hide and seek game in London where players can win a car by entering. It's a simple enough concept and it could end up having people running across the city looking for and hiding invisible cars. For those unable to play the mobile version (only available on iPhone and Android) there is another version of the same game on Facebook using a Google Maps mashup. It does seem like a great concept but you do have to wonder if the game is perhaps a little complicated. It took me a good 15 minutes to really get my head around it and at the end of the game after jumping through all the hoops you only get entered in to a draw for the car. The campaign is sure to generate some serious buzz around a major city like London though and it will be interesting to follow it online.

The Teaser Video

This little video shows how you can use the mobile version of the game when you download an app. The idea is that you can hide the car anywhere you want in places where others will find it hard to find. In turn every car that you find gives you a point that you can use to enter a draw for the car.

Facebook Version

If you can't use the mobile version you can log in to Facebook and play the online version of the game there. It uses a mash up of Google maps and you can choose anywhere in the UK to hide your car. The idea then is that other can find it and win points but you too can win points by searching for hidden cars on the map. For every point you get you are given an entry to the draw to win a car at the end of the game.

[caption id="attachment_24177" align="aligncenter" width="527" caption="The Facebook version of the game features a Google Maps Mash up"]


I spotted this over here and am looking forward to seeing how this all pans out. I'm sure there will be a slick case study video when the campaign is finished that we can share. What do you think?Does this look like a winner to you or a little too complicated for it's own good?

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