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Brilliant New Pringles Mobile App Lets You Rock Out With Your Friends

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To tie in with the music festival season Pringles have launched a clever new campaign that ties an app in with sales and encourages you to engage around music with your friends. Once you have downloaded the app (which is free) you can actually plug it in to packets of pringles that then act as a loud speaker (which is a smart way of increasing sales of cans of Pringles of course). The app allows you to choose a selection of different instruments and works by using the accelerometer for you to make different sounds. If you have enough time on your hands and a few friends who also have the app you can start your own band as the rather geeky guys in the video start doing. There are added bonuses like winning new instruments if you scan bar codes on your Pringles packets and you can unlock a series of badges by carrying out different challenges within the app. It's a smart way of linking music in with the brand during this busy festival season and you can see people trying this out for a laugh. Pringles will be hoping that young fans make such a connection with the brand that next time they go to a festival they just grab a couple of cans of their new favorite crisps! (First spotted here


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