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Brilliant Hotel Campaign Allows Users To Engage With Facebook In The Real World

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A hotel in Ibiza have just launched an innovative campaign using RFID technology that allows users to carry out Facebook

activity in the real world while on holiday. In a project similar to the Coca Cola village in Israel that we shared last year guests can tag photos, check in on Facebook places and share their wonderful holiday moments without carrying a computer or phone around with them. All they have to do is wear a wrist band that they are given when checking in and match it up with their Facebook profile. It's then just a case of having a good time and swiping the wrist band at various RFID points that the hotel have set up around the resort. The benefit from the hotel's perspective is that all these people having fun are sharing content with their friends who are likely to make a booking in the future. It really is the best type of free advertising you could ever wish for but I do wonder what sort of stuff people will share after a few drinks and if they might regret sharing it with so many the next morning. RFID technology is still rare enough in marketing campaigns but this shows that it a great way of getting people to engage with Facebook and push information back there from the real world...

Spotted over on Digital Buzz

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