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This Week's 10 Most Talked About Viral Videos

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Another Dramatic Surprise

Another week and another set of brilliant viral videos that has got lots of people talking. Rather than sifting through the billions of videos that people have uploaded, we share the ten best viral videos every week from the world of marketing and advertising. This week's collection involves Samsung mocking Apple and RIM, a recap of childhood in the 90s and the sequel of one of the biggest viral hits of 2012.

The Relaxing First-Person View Of A Dog Playing Fetch

We’ve found the ultimate use for a GoPro camera. It’s not for extreme sports or to get aerial shots of beautiful locations, it’s so we can see the world through the eyes of a dog. Playing fetch in the pool with his owner, this video is simple in its idea, but is strangely relaxing as a result. If you’re not a dog lover, you mightn’t get what all the fuzz is about.

Samsung Poke Further Fun At Apple & RIM With Unicorn Apocalypse

Samsung hasn’t been shy when it comes to poking fun at its rivals, and its latest ad takes aim at all its rivals, most notably Apple and RIM. Setting its latest video at a game development company, it shows how some people refuse to switch even though the Galaxy Note and S III offer a better alternative to other phones.

Does it take the joke too far? Probably, but since the entire point is to show that Samsung’s phones can be both a device for business and leisure, it’s gets the message across.

What Happens When You Shazam A Toilet Flushing?

It’s a question we never thought to answer ourselves either, but one YouTuber, FrostyBrain, has answered the question for us. We haven’t actually tested this out, but we’ll assume that the findings are accurate.

Internet Explorer Appeals To The Masses By Reliving The 90s

If you’re ever find yourself yearning for the good old days, you might like this video from Internet Explorer (IE). Through a short monologue, it shows you the many toys and gadgets that made it a memorable decade. It mightn’t make you want to download IE, but there’s at least something here that you’ll remember fondly, like your walkman or you tamagotchi pet constantly dying.

Scooter Riders Pull Off Freestyle Tricks You Never Knew Were Possible

We’re seeing more trick videos involving skateboards, pogo sticks and now scooters, but when they’re this well produced, it’s hard to complain. Three minutes of seeing the pros pulling off all sorts of insane tricks that you didn’t even think were possible.

Cristiano Ronaldo Blows Everyone Away In Amazing Slow-Mo Ad

Who doesn’t love a bit of slow-motion action? Nike shows just how fast Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is by seeing players, spectators and even riot police all being blown away in slow-motion. The brilliant part is when the camera ‘catches up’ to Ronaldo, it goes back to normal speed as he scores a goal.

People Doing Awesome Stuff Will Restore Your Faith In The World

Roughly two years after the original “People Doing Awesome Stuff” video and 55 million views later, the sequel focuses on more amazing stunts and feats, showing that YouTube isn’t just the home of people failing and cat videos, it’s the home of some truly amazing people.

Audi’s Self-Parking Car Is A Godsend To Lazy Drivers Everywhere

Picture the scene: You’re driving home from a long day shopping/working and you finally arrive. Problem is you have to go through the entire process of parking, which is a pain as you struggle not to hit off any cars or objects. Audi’s latest technology allows drivers to ask the car to park itself while you do more important things.

It’s pretty cool, but we’re wondering whether it’ll do the same thing as drivers when there isn’t a parking space by driving around the entire parking lot in vain.

A Dramatic Surprise On A Quiet Square Is Back & It’s More Dramatic Than Ever!

Yep, it’s here for a second time, and this time, it took place in the Netherlands. One giant red button, some unsuspecting participants and lots of drama. Do we really need to say any more? We didn’t think so either!

Dog Shows His Love For Volkswagen By Mimicking Car

Volkswagen is a massive fan of dogs, to the point that every viral video they create features them in some form. This latest one is from the Netherlands shows a dog that likes the car so much, it impersonates it through its actions and barks.

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