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SocialMedia Live Tells You Which Facebook Pages Are Growing The Fastest

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Are you curious about what the fastest growing Facebook pages are today? What brands, sports teams, politicians are gaining the most fans? Or maybe you're interested to see what type of pages are popular with Facebook users?If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you'll be interested to hear that a new beta site called Socialmedia Live has gone online and is tracking the growth rate of over 38 million Facebook pages, two million of which can be viewed.

Each page comes with various statistics such as rate of growth within one hour, six hours or one day, absolute likes, percentage of fans who are male and female and noteworthy newcomers. The site updates its Facebook page data on 90,000 'World Leading Pages' every ten minutes, fast growing pages are checked every twelve hours while the remaining pages are checked every five days.

While you can check categories and create comparisons via graphs, there is no search function so there is no way to find similar statistics about your own Facebook site or rival pages for example. While there are 36 million pages analysed, there doesn't seem to be a way to access any pages outside the biggest ones, hampering the site's usefulness. That said, the site is still in beta mode, meaning that there is potential for it to improve over time.

In the site's FAQ section

, the site states that SocialMedia Live can be employed and used as a monitoring tool by small and large businesses, which gives you an idea as to the direction its taking. It mightn't be there yet but if you're looking for an interesting snapshot of how Facebook pages are growing, then SocialMedia Live will provide you with enough relevant data to keep you occupied.

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