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New Vimeo Launches Today: More Social and Faster

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Vimeo today announced that the video sharing site has undergone a major revamp. The blog entry that announced the revamp revealed that the work had been ongoing for the past year, and that staff "tore Vimeo down, thought hard about every aspect of it, and created the new Vimeo from scratch.”

There are dozens of new features on Vimeo, but the main changes were made in order to make the site faster and easier, with the focus being on the videos uploaded by users, while taking users' feedback into account when creating the new features. The biggest advantages for the actual videos is a new widescreen view, and faster uploading speeds.

But leaving the actual video content aside, the new Vimeo is very much focused on being a social place, more of a niche social site that the vast and commercialised Youtube, with a sense of community. Like most new social sites, you can import friends from Facebook or Twitter, a nod to the social media establishment. Also, there is greater privacy control, something that will make Vimeo attractive to those who take issue with the privacy policies of other sites.

However some changes indicate that the site seeks to emulate the big sites in some ways, with one of the most obvious changes being the addition of a 'following' function, whereby you can follow people, channels and tags, harnessing some of the appeal that Twitter initiated with its own follow function. The Vimeo inbox has become a feed, much like Facebook's newsfeed, and there's also a timeline illustrating Vimeo's history.

They've also added an advance search function, where you can search under a number of tabs such as people - echoing what Google+ tried to do with its social search - and in the spirit of Siri, there's voice recognition search with Chrome. These are but a few of the new features, but it's clear that Vimeo is doing its best to fit in with all the latest social media and technological trends.

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