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New Technologies Aim to Increase Mobile Phone Life On-the-Go

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With mobile phones users placing more and more demands on phones' battery lives as they use it to text, email, make calls, browse the web or play games, in work or college, as well as during commutes or socialising, it's about time that new technologies were developed to create longer battery lives, or to charge a phone without access to an electricity grid and a number of different organisations are doing just this.

Researchers at Cambridge are working on developing a phone that will require very little charging, are reporting. Electricity is created within the phone itself, which is at this stage described as " a prototype device that converts ambient light into electricity using an array of  solar cells made of thin-film hydrogenated amorphous silicon that's designed to sit within the phone's screen”, which prolongs the battery life of the device.

It will be quite some time though until we see this technology widely available, so in the meantime it's up to innovative chargers to keep our phones powered up on the go. One on-the-go solution would be MyCharge rechargeable batteries for tablets, iPods and iPhones; one of their chargers claims to double or triple the battery life of the iPhone 4.

A more innovative device is Powertrekk: it is a fuel cell technology charger that works with all devices powered via USB, and does not need to be connected to either a computer or a mains to charge, meaning you can charge your device even when you've no access to conventional electricity.

The Powertrekk charger works by the reaction created between its fuel pack, which must be exposed to open air, and a tablespoon of water, converting hydrogen into electricity, with the only by-product being a small amount of water vapour. This kind of technology comes at a price however, the recommended price for the device is €199, and its only available from a limited number of stores at the moment.

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