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Innovative Facebook Recruitment Campaign - The Social Interview

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We live in a world where employers Google people applying for jobs within their company and check out their social media profiles as a first step before recruiting them. One company who were swamped with intern requests have launched an app which flips the onus back on to the candidates and their Facebook friends in particular to do a lot of the hard work for them. The app asks your friends to leave answers to questions you have posted and changes the whole complexion of a job interview. As the video case study says most people can tell enough lies to get them through an interview but getting your friends to write something positive about you is another story. Here is what the makers of the app has to say about it

R/GA receives thousands of applications from intern candidates every year, and we thought that Facebook could help shine a spotlight on the next stars. When designing a selection process for our internship program, R/GA saw an opportunity to leverage the social community that prospective employees are immersed in. The Social Interview by R/GA is a job interview where a candidate's Facebook friends answer questions on their behalf.

As part of R/GA's Internship Program, we asked candidates to allow us to post three questions to their Facebook Wall for their friends to answer in the comment section. With The Social Interview, we pushed the envelope on how creative recruiting occurs in this new era of social media transparency, helping us to discover some of the most socially creative young minds around.

There is no doubt that recruitment is changing and that social media is starting to play a much bigger part for both employees and employers and it's great to see companies embrace it in as open a way as this. What do you think? Would your friends have good things to say about you?

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