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Developer Trick Lets You See How Many Fans Unsubscribe From Your Facebook Page

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The aim of every Facebook brand page is to increase the number of fans following your page and extend your reach as far as possible. To do this we post updates, links, stories and status updates to engage with those following us. But what about those who have hidden particular stories or your feeds completely? It's inevitable that there will be some fans who will hide certain posts but there's no way to tell what the numbers are.

Up until recently, you could gain an idea of this through the unsubscribe metric from Facebook insights. However, since they removed this particular feature there's was no way of checking until now.

Steve Allard of Wisemetrics had come across a trick through the Facebook developers site that allows you to see not only how many people have hidden your posts on a daily basis but also over a 28 day period. The process sounds more complicated than it actually is but Allard has given instructions as to how you can obtain these statistics.

Get Your Facebook Page ID

Image from WiseMetrics

To get your Facebook ID by going onto your main Facebook page. Once there, change 'www' into 'graph.' (e.g. change into Once you've loaded this up, you'll see the page ID on the first line for you to copy.

Go To Facebook API Explorer

You can find Facebook's graph API explorer by heading to

/. Here you should click on the 'Get Access Token' located on the right hand side. Go into Extended Permissions and tick 'read_insights'.

Copy ID Into Insights Address

The third step is to enter the following command in box beside the "Get” button. Make sure to place the ID you copied earlier just after '' in the command below.


Once you've done that and clicked submit, you will see the number of people who's unsubscribed from your feed over a one day, seven days and 28 day period.

To give further information as to what the values mean:

Hide_all: the number of people who have hidden all stories from your page.

Hide: number of people who have hidden a story from your page.

Unlike_page: number of people who unliked your page.

Report_spam: number of people who have reported on one of your posts as a spam post.

There's quite a bit to be obtained from these statistics. For example you can figure out the number of unsubscriptions made and determine whether it's out of proportion with the number of fans you have.

If the overall 'Hide_all' figure is over ten per cent of your overall fans number, then you may want to review your strategy with how you engage with fans. Do you post too many links clogging up their page? Do you keep on topic with what your brand is about or do you post irrelevant material every so often? Are your posts relevant to your audience? These are questions that you should ask if you are serious about your social media strategy, and the following statistics will certainly give users food for thought as they review it.

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