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Consumer Loyalty 54% More Likely If Brands Have Effective Mobile Site

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It's an area that keeps being covered every day, but it's hard to escape the fact that the benefits of mobile commerce continue to gain traction every day. More companies and consumers are incorporating mobile into their strategies with one eye on the future.  Some are already reaping the benefits with Paypal experiencing a massive increase in revenue from that sector last year.

It's a trend that will continue to grow and it is becoming more important for brands and companies to adapt to these changes. With that in mind, a new report from market research consultants, ForeSee Results, has found further evidence for businesses and brands to embrace mobile commerce if they haven't already.

The report, which analysed consumer habits during the months of November and December last year, found that those shoppers who were satisfied with a brand's mobile site or app were 54 per cent more likely to consider the company the next time they made a similar purchase. Also, the same customers were 40 per cent more likely to purchase from them through an different source such as a store or website.

To prove this, they analysed the top 40 retail outlets in the U.S. and found that Apple's and Amazon's mobile sites had the greatest satisfaction rate among consumers scoring 85 & 84 out of 100 respectively. Their nearest competitor, Dell, achieved a score of 78, showing how large a grasp the two companies have on the market.

ForeSee's Usability Team Lead Matthew Dull explained that the reason behind this success is that both Apple and Amazon "tend to place great value and emphasis on the consumer experience across touch points, and they carry that excellent user experience into their mobile environment”.

He noted that both companies have streamlined the mobile experience and by "neatly balancing information and functionality in a small space, without venturing to the two extremes where many mobile sites or apps get trapped: total information overload or a version that is so streamlined and pared down that it's useless”.

The report does note that the stores with the highest satisfaction rate happened to be the largest and most successful stores in the U.S. However, they would be good examples for smaller businesses and companies who plan to develop their mobile side of their business.

The report took the top 40 retail websites by sales volume (as reported by Internet Retailer in its 2011 Top 500 Guide) and focused on mobile shopping, web shopping and shopping in stores. More than 23,000 people responded to the survey during November 29th 2011 to December 15th 2011. The entire report can be found here on ForeSee's site.

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