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Augmented Reality Creates Interactive Pop-Up Book Through Your Webcam

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We've seen augmented reality being used in numerous different ad campaigns, promoting numberous products and brands such as the National Geographic. However, its use has been superficial at best mainly acting as cutscenes at best and with very little interaction but this project which incorporates publishing breathes new life into what some people perceive as a dying industry.

Between Page and Screen is a book that has no words or text printed on it, instead it only contains abstract geometric patterns and a web address leading to its site. As long as users have a browser and a webcam, they will be able to read the book where the patterns allow poems and text to appear before you. The animations which appear move with the book and create the equivalent of a digital pop-up book

The book explores a series of letters written by two lovers struggling to map the boundaries of their relationship, and the poems that appear fill the space between the reader and the screen. People viewing this may see the book as a novelty but that would be missing the point, it's not intended as a commercial project, but a new way of tackling and injecting some  a familiar medium. The fact that the book relies solely on augmented reality

The book was written by Amaranth Borsuk and the site was developed by Brad Bouse. Originally published as a limited edition book, the book is now available to buy from Siglio Press for $24.95.

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