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25 Unmissable Social Media Articles Worth Reading This Weekend

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Every week we have a look at some of the biggest social media stories that are out there and sift through the thousands of articles to bring you 25 that you simply have to read. These are never breaking news stories but rather some of the deepest thinkers and smartest minds from the world of technology and social media.

You might not be able to get through them all in one sitting but the idea is that after a busy week where the real time streams can be out of control, we offer you a selection of curated news that you can read at your leisure. This week all the big stories from the week involving  SOPA, Megaupload, Apple, Google, Pinterest and Facebook with some super stories from the industry.

Does a greater quantity of apps for Windows Phone necessarily equal success?

The potential rise of the sub-$100 smartphone.

John Battelle imagines what life would be life if a Facebook Search engine existed.

The unusual question of why Android smartphones are bigger than the iPhone is tackled here.

For some tech startups, failing isn't necessarily the end but the beginning of something bigger.

Could Instagram end up appearing on Windows Phone first before Android?

How scarcity is a terrible model for a business.

Is Facebook really ready for its upcoming IPO?

Why video professionals are moving away from Apple onto other services.

A short debate on TV piracy and how very few major television networks covered SOPA and PIPA.

Sarah Daly gives the reasons why she decided to start up new startup news site, PandoDaily.

How fragmentation, experienced by developers, does not signal the end of Android.

The reasons how the US can seize a Hong Kong based enterprise like Megaupload.

What Megaupload's downfall meant for the web.

Exede: the satellite broadband service you've been waiting for?

Apple is well known for its secretive approach towards work so Adam Lashinsky discovers how far these secrets go and how it pays off for the company.

The story behind Rupert Murdoch's twitter rant concerning Google and SOPA.

While Mark Zuckerberg eventually spoke out against SOPA & PIPA (in a status update), why did it take so long?

How Wikipedia's decision to have a blackout was more complicated than people realise.

Exploring the most interesting aspects of Facebook's new open graph service

.The tactics behind Anonymous' attacks after Megaupload was shut down.

Do we really want Apple to have control of the digital textbook market

Does Google really have an interest in Pinterest?

iBooks author is not going to hurt publishers, but may even help them.

The reasons why the US Feds went after Megaupload.

And finally, Nike+ have launched a new digital wristband which could be one of the most advanced developments seen in personal fitness.

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