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How To Get The Most Out Of Linkedin - 10 Simple Tips

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Given that it's the start of the year and people have turned over new leaves and are filling out their Linkedin profiles and looking for new jobs and career advancement etc I thought it would be a good time to share some videos about getting the most of the world's biggest professional network. Some of the tips will be common knowledge to people who spend a lot of time on the site but there are some great nuggets here that will help the millions of people who either have incomplete profiles or who struggle to find the right people to connect with. With over 80 million users and growing fast there is no doubt that Linkedin is an important business network that most people should be engaging with so make sure to follow the advice in these videos and start getting the most out of it...

Sharing Your Basic Info

People scan through hundreds of professionals on Linkedin so it's important that you get your basic info right so as the right people can find you.

Rounding Out Your Profile

Most of the tips in this little video seem quite obvious and are things that most Linkdin users do anyway but it's surprising how many people neglect to fill out their profiles properly and given that is the main way of showing up in search results it is very important.

Executive Summary

This is the part of the site where you are going to have to get creative and write in the first person but it's also one of the first places most people read and keywords appear in search results so it's an important part to get right.

100% Completed Profile

You've probably noticed the status bar telling you what percentage of your profile has been updated and finished and wondered who to get to 100% profile on Linkedin and luckily this little video tells you how...

Adding Previous Job Experience

Before somebody hires you the chances are that they are going to have a look at some of the places where you have previously worked. This short video explains some of the basic principles of how to fill out your previous jo history.

Education History

Not only will you want to connect with people that you know from school of college (who might now be in positions of interest) but employers will also be checking your education so make sure to fill out all education history that you can find.

Using Recommendations Effectively

We all trust recommendations from people we know and that is no different when you are talking about professional experience. Make sure to recommend others and you'll need at least 3 recommendations to have a 100% complete profile.

How To Re-Arrange Your Linkedin Profile

You may want to show certain parts of your profile off ahead of others and this short video will show you how to drag and drop parts of your Linkedin profile around so as you have the perfect Linkedin profile with your most impressive parts appearing more prominitely

Importance Of Sharing

In recent times Linkedin have moved towards a more real time sharing site like Twitter and this video explains the importance of sharing high quality content with your own network to help build authority.

How To Find People To Connect With

Most people will be familiar with the "people you may know" box on the homepage of Linkedin but this video explains some of the ways in which you can expand on that great features and find additional people within your network to communicate and network with.

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