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10 Of The Best Social Media Campaign Video Case Studies

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If there is one trend that has been on the rise in recent times in social media it is the social media campaign video which brands and businesses produce to show bring their innovative campaigns to life. There are 100s produced every week but we have scoured the web to find the best ones here. You'll be able to get some great inspiration to help create your own innovative campaigns. The case studies come from all over the world and use a variety of social platforms including a couple from Facebook, video streaming, apps and Twitter. Many of the campaigns mix the offline and online worlds and they all show great creativity and innovation. Check out this list of 10 great social media video case studies...

Mini Getaway Stockholm

Imagine if there was a virtual game where you could race around a city trying to win a car? Well that is what Mini did with this game in Sweden.

Schweppes On Facebook

When Facebook launched their new profiles it wasn't long before people started to figure out how to customize them with a hack. Schweppes were quick to develop an app that helped users with the process and was a great branding exercise for the drinks company.

Ford Argentina

The concept behind this campaign is fairly simply in that they asked one of the most populat Twitter users in Argentina to drive the car around interviewing famous people. Bit of a dodgy voice over but interesting all the same.

FORD - The first pre-launch of a car using Twitter from Jose Azanza on Vimeo.

Levis Social Shopping

This may seem quite a normal thing for brands to do now that Facebook has been established for some time but when Levis launched their deep Facebook integration so as you could shop socially it was a major step forward.

Diesel Photo Booth

People (especially girls) love taking photos of themselves in new clothes and sharing them with friends and Diesel were able to tap in to that by bringing photo machines in to their shops that people could then share with their friends directly to the social networking site.

Canadian Tourism Board

The Canadian tourism board wanted to get the word out about what a great country Canada was to visit and target Americans and they did so with interactive billboards and social media tools like Twitter.

Old Spice

You would have had to be under a rock for the last year to have missed this campaign from Old spice but not everybody has seen this super case study which shows some of the success the campaign had in terms of numbers.

Facebook Physical Book

You may remember this case study from a couple of months ago where a French telecoms company turned your Facebook profile in to a real world physical book. Very smart indeed.

Samsung Phone Shake Down

This little campaign used a variety of social media channels including live video streaming to show how tough the phones were.

Pink Ponies

Ok so this one is a bit of a piss take but having watched all the serious video case studies above I thought I'd throw a fun one in there. The St John agency did a great job with this young lady's 8th birthday party...

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