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5 Services Using Facebook Connect Effectively

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Facebook ConferenceFacebook connect arrived as a service in 2008 and it has steadily grown in to a crucial part of many site's offering especially over the last year.The idea behind using Facebook connect is that you can leverage the huge community elements that Facebook

bring as well as allowing users to log in using one of the most trusted services on the web with a simple one click solution. 1000s of sites have been adding Facebook connect over the past couple of years but we wanted to look at some of the sites and services that were using it innovatively and engaging users in a creative way by using people's social graph. One thing we did notice when researching this article is that Facebook Connect is a big favorite with brands and agencies trying to build quick buzz around a micro site or service as they could leverage the viral nature of Facebook. Some great creative examples in here...

Fight Club DVD

With this implementation of Facebook Connect, Fight Club have made you part of the story, to mark their first time release on Blu-Ray. Again, the integration is seamless and it uses a variety of your information (interests, career etc..) as part of the clip. Just when you thought it wasn't possible, Fight Club got even cooler.

Facebook Fight Club


JibJab are a favourite among the social media crowd (they're the people that brought us Elf Yourself). The site is integrated with Facebook Connect and you can easily pull in any of your photos to add into the videos. This is a much cleaner process than the site originally had, when you had to manually upload a photo. The site is ridiculously addictive and is now a truly social experience. Read this article here where the CEO of jibjab discusses the effect Facebook has had on their user base.

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!


You will have noticed this new comment system appearing on more and more blogs and the main reason is that it allows people to easily use a variety of their social media profiles to comment including Facebook with a simple click of a button. The fact that installing the Disqus commenting system on to your blog is as easy as copying and pasting a simple piece of code means that pretty much anybody can have Facebook connect on their blog commenting system in a couple of minutes.

Facebook connect Disqus

Haiti Water Challenge

The Haiti Challenge is a great use of Facebook Connect to spread a much-needed message. You can earn points by inviting friends to the cause, as well as making donations. The site focuses on spreading the message virally and the points system is a great way to do this, as each person is incentivized to tell as many of their friends as possible. It's a timely reminder of the power of social media to do good.

Haiti Water Challenge


The site for the action game by Activision displays an impressive and cool use of Facebook Connect, for the games release which was in June 2009. It took me a while to realise that this was even pulling in information and pictures from my profile as it integrates so seamlessly with the graphics of the trailer. The whole site is clean and slick, even down to the tentacles creeping over the login button.

Prototype Experience

Bonus Extra iPhone : Tap Tap Revenge 3

This has to be one of the simplest implementations of Facebook connect on the iPhone and it works incredibly well giving you rewards in the form of currency to tell your friends about the game, lets your friends know via their news feed when you post high scores and unlock new songs. The smart use of Facebook connect is one of the reasons why this app has spread far and wide and is one of the biggest selling apps of all time on the app store.Tap Tap revenge iPhone

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