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What Facebook's Timeline Brand Pages Will Look Like

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There has been a lot of speculation recently regarding a revamp of Facebook's brand pages. As we speculated last week, many are expecting a February 28th rollout, which is only a few weeks away. But what will these new brand pages look like?

Well, the best indicator of Facebook's brand page improvements are usually derived from profile pages. When Facebook overhauled profile pages in 2010, brand pages were soon to follow, in the very same style. So back to the present, where Facebook have rolled out Timeline to its users, and it is fully expected that they will replicate the Timeline's visual aesthetic to the full - and with good reason.

Timeline is visually rich and could be exploited by brands, with lots of room for big visuals and app integration. So we thought we would try and see how a few of Facebook's biggest brands could take advantage of the possible new look for brand pages.

*NOTE: These are only rough mock-ups of how the new brand pages might look.


First we have the global McDonalds page - while still being very strong, lacks a major focal point.

Now, for the possible revamp. The first notable change is the cover photo. This would be the biggest visual area brands could utilise. The entire header of the page is ready to be filled with a banner ad displaying the latest offer, product or just showing the brand's visual identity.

This is a massive change from what Facebook are currently allowing - five microscopic sized icons at the top of the page, that can't really give any visual impact. Also, it would be a much easier way of integrating and sticking videos/ads onto Timeline permanently.


Next we have one of the biggest brands on Facebook, Nike.

Known for their slick advertising campaigns, their Timeline could provide a plethora of visual ideas for the brand. One thing Facebook could also integrate is its frictionless sharing applications. So, for example, Nike could pin their latest Likes and Pins on Pinterest, or share what movies they Like.

Mercedes Benz

Finally, we have Mercedes Benz. Again, their current page isn't bad at all, providing lots of information on dealers, products etc, as well as the usual photos and videos.

With a Timeline page, their Facebook presence could be dramatically transformed. In fact, the Timeline cover photo is perfectly suited to things such as cars. Car companies could display their latest model in a massive banner ad at the top of their page. Apps could be integrated with the page, bringing much higher engagement with current fans.So there you have it, just a wild guess as to what Facebook's rumoured new brand pages might look like. Do you think they will in fact use the Timeline style? Also, will they integrate apps on the page like our own profiles? Only time will tell, but it seems certain that brand pages will receive a long overdue revamp very soon.

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