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Top Ten Real World Interactive Campaigns

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We love to see companies thinking outside the box and creating innovative campaigns that engage fans and actually work. So we've compiled the Top Ten Real World Interactive Campaigns for you to enjoy this weekend! These companies harnessed the power of social media and took it out into the real world, with brilliant results. In no particular order, here we go!

1. Friskies Plus Playhouse

Friskies Plus Playhouse is a playground for rescue cats created by Facebook fans, which is filmed and streamed onto Facebook. Fans of the Friskies Facebook page can control the cats' toys in real time and see the cats' reactions. It's a cute idea that requires participation and engagement while maintaining the brand's presence at all times.

2. KLM Surprise

KLM have done some pretty cool social media campaigns over the past few years, and this one is a great example of how big brands can relate to consumers on a human level by meeting them in person and giving them a small gift! KLM found passengers who had made it clear online that they were flying KLM- cue a quick brainstorm over what gift would suit this person based on their social media profiles, and a dash to find them in the airport before they boarded their flights.

3. Hyundai Race

Hyundai created an engaging large scale iPhone Controlled Racing Game in Times Square, which, as the video shows, garnered a lot of attention from passers-by. The draw was a racing car game, projected on the huge screen, wirelessly controlled via iPhone. It looked like a whole lot of fun and was a well timed event, happening in early December, when many people would have been out doing their Christmas shopping.

4. Orange Facebook Connected Wristbands

Orange, the mobile network provider did something pretty innovative by getting attendees at the Roxy Pro 2011 surf event to sign up with their Facebook account, and that data then transferred onto a bracelet that contained RFID technology. This meant that people could check in their location, tag and take photos which would upload to their profiles. By doing this they were also in with a chance to win daily prizes. It's a great example of how a company can make an event better shared and publicised by enabling easier Facebook engagement.

5. Kakau Café

We covered this one pretty recently on Simply Zesty but it's just so good it deserves another mention! This café in Helsinki is part of World Design Helsinki 2012, and you can remotely control the furniture, music and lights in the café via an app or on the website. For example you can control the height of the chairs and watch the customers reactions as their seat moves up and down! The aim of the project was to get people thinking about how bad design effects our daily lives, and it succeeds in doing that in a fun, engaging way.

6. Paypal Subway Wall

Paypal are now enabling subway commuters in Singapore to shop via QR codes on subway walls, making it easier than ever to shop on the go, even while commuting. According to PSFK you first need to download the PayPal QR code reader app, which enables the user to login into PayPal via the QR code, and make their purchase. (Image from

7. Nike i-D Real Time Customised Billboard

Nike created this billboard in Copenhagen to cleverly display designs for their trainers submitted online, and got a team of artists to fill them in on this billboard. The designs were crowd sourced via Nike's Facebook community, and the eye-catching event took place over a two week period in Copenhagen city centre.

8. Ebay Give-A-Toy Store

This is a heartwarming one. Over the Christmas period a retail store teamed up with eBay to install interactive shop windows in New York and San Francisco, whereby toys and their prices were displayed virtually and available to buy for donation via a QR code.

9. T-Mobile Angry Birds Live

This one is pretty spectacular, and is pretty much what it says on the tin, so doesn't need much of an explanation - all you need to know that it's Barcelona 2011, and the video has more than 10 million view on Youtube - just watch!

10. Singapore's Biggest Tip Jar

To promote a reality TV series called Can You Serve, which dealt with customer service, BHH Asia Pacific created this giant contraption which was full of $1 coins. People choose online via Facebook which establishment they wanted to tip and then, in real life, a 'tip' of a one $1 coin rolled down into the machine.  The winning establishment had $2,394 in tips by the end of the competition, and some voters won great prizes, including a trip to Bangkok valued at $7,000. Overall it was a great example of using Facebook to engage fans of a TV show and in turn support the real life establishments that people were tipping, via a giant contraption of a tip jar- clever!

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