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The Daily Digest - The Social Media Stories You Need To Know Today

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Welcome to our newest regular feature, The Daily Digest, where we'll round up the ten most important social media and technology articles from the last 24 hours, so you don't have to. We'll scour the web to find the most relevant and interesting social media stories that are worth your attention.

1# Social Media Advertising: 89 per cent of agencies have said that they would use be using Facebook for their social media campaigns. report that this was more than double the percentage of agencies that said they'd use Twitter and Youtube for advertising.

2# Super Bowl Tweeting: The Super Bowl XLVI has become America's most tweeted about sporting event after hitting a record average of 12,233 tweets per second (TPS). The final saw the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots 21 - 17 in Indianapolis.

3# Facebook's Deleted Photos: If you've ever uploaded a photo onto Facebook only to later remove it, chances are the image is still online. Ars Technica have reported that three years after bringing up the issue with Facebook, it's still possible to access photos that you once thought were deleted, provided you have the direct URL address.

4# Microsoft Vs Google: The bickering between Microsoft and Google continues with discovering that Microsoft has now trademarked "People Powered Stories'', alluding to them incorporating Twitter and Facebook related searches onto Bing and taking another pot shot at Google.

5# Facebook Mobile Advertising: The New York Times are reporting that Facebook is now preparing to introduce mobile advertising onto their site as another way of generating advertising revenue for the company.

6# Objectionable Content: A court in India has ruled that internet firms such as Google and Facebook have 15 days to remove content which it described as objectionable content. report that the civil case accused 22 different firms of allowing "anti-religious" and "anti-social" content that could provoke communal tension.

7# Google Poaching: Google have reportedly poached an Apple employee to be part of its own staff. 9to5Google are reporting that Apple's (former) Senior Director of Product Integrity, Simon Prakash, has been hired by the company to work on a secret project. Prakash was responsible for product quality across Apple's products ranging from the iPhone to the Macbook.

8# Android Apps Appeal: Google have lost its final appeal in Taiwan after it was fined NT$1 million ($34,000) after the city of Taipei issued a complaint regarding a seven day trial period where users could request a refund. Google were the only company that refused to budge, not changing its 15-minute refund window and ceasing to offer paid apps in the country.

9# Publicly Trading SM sites: The transformation of social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter could signal a move from privately owned companies to public enterprises. It's expected that more companies such as Dropbox will follow on from the likes of Linkedin and Groupon and become public to remain competitive.

10# Twitter Addiction: How much time do you spend on Twitter daily? A team from Chicago University's Booth business school have discovered that Twitter can become "more addictive than alcohol and cigarettes". The Drum report that the likelihood of self control failure rates were highest when social media is involved.

Finally, on yesterday's Simply Viral, this has to be the best Siri parody made so far, a fantastic short film where the personal assistant ends up becoming a psychopathic killer.

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