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The Daily Digest - The Social Media Stories You Need To Know Today

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In the Daily Digest, we round up the ten most important social media and technology articles from the last 24 hours that you need to know.

1# Self-Service Twitter: Twitter will be introducing new self-service advertising for small businesses at the end of March. Businesses will be able to bid for promoted tweets or promoted accounts where they'll pay for every interaction (retweets etc.) or new follower respectively.

2# Facebook photos: A new survey found that 90 per cent of people would prefer if their friends would ask for their permission first before uploading photos or videos of them online. Over 800 people were asked by Sophos Naked Security who carried out the poll.

3# Youtube Integration: Further additions have been made to Google+ with further Youtube integration. The changes now allow users to more prominently promote their G+ account while being allowed to share playlists by other users.

4# Microsoft Tracking: Microsoft have launched a new service which allows users to track trends online. msnNOW analyses sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Bing to identify trending topics by the minute.

5# Facebook's Media Hub: Over 12 new media apps will made their way onto Timeline, hoping to repeat the success The Guardian and The Washington Post have experienced. The Daily Show, MSNBC, Buzzfeed, and The Huffington Post have already or are expected to roll out their respective apps soon.

6# Google Tracking: Google and other advertising companies have been found to be tracking the web browsing habits of millions of users. The Wall Street Journal report that they bypassed privacy settings through specialised computer code, allowing them to monitor numerous

7# Self-driving Cars: The state of Nevada has become the first state in the U.S. to approve self-driving cars. The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles released a statement saying that its Legislative Commission approved regulations allowing self-driving vehicles on Nevada's roadways.

8# 25 Is The Magic Number: Apple is inching ever closer to reaching the 25 billion mark for downloads of iPhone and iPad downloads. The figures in July was 15 billion meaning that on average, the iTunes store has seen 1.5 billion downloads per month.

9# Moar Google+: Google's social networking site has seen a 1,400 per cent increase in brand followers in the last three months. BrightEdge say that the number of brands increased from 220,000 in December to 3.1 million in February.

10# Twitter + Robots = Journalism: Ever wanted to write a tech news story but didn't want to do any of the writing part. Well, that's what Narrative Science did earlier this week, creating an automated story about Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich, produced solely from Twitter data.

Finally on Simply Viral: Giant yacth? Check! A 255 horsepower jet ski? Check! A guy in a suit engaging a crazy stunt? Definitely check!

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