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The Daily Digest - The Social Media Stories You Need To Know Today

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In the Daily Digest, we round up the ten most important social media and technology articles from the last 24 hours that you need to know.

1# Facebook Pseudonyms: Facebook will be rolling out both verified accounts and pseudonyms to users tomorrow. The former is to help promote the subscribe function which the company is using to take on Twitter and Google+.

2# Facing The Music: Groups from the recording industry are considering filing a lawsuit against Google for allegedly abusing its dominant market position to distort the market for online music. They want the site to degrade links to 'pirate' websites in its search results to solve the problem.

3# Groupon VIP: Groupon are testing out a new service for dedicated users called VIP, allowing them early access to deals, the ability to buy old deals and refunds at any time. The service, which will cost $30 a year, is being tested in a few markets, with the aim of expanding the service if it's received well.

4# Mac OS X: Apple have just announce the release of the latest version of Mac OS X called Mountain Lion. Among the features available is 'sharesheet' which allows you to share from your social media sites and apps, However Facebook and Youtube have been omitted from this, with Twitter being chosen as the platform of choice.

5# Android 5.0: Google are expected to launch their latest Android operating system, Jelly Bean, in the second quarter of 2012. Digitimes are reporting that Google wish to have another chance to enter the notebook and netboook markets, but their partners may not support it due to Android 4.0 performing as well as expected.

6# Publishing Woes: The publishing industry has forced two pirate ebook websites to shut down. library .nu and were shut down on Wednesday morning, the former site having more than 400,000 copyrighted titles on offer. However on the other end of the spectrum...

7# EU Social Media Ruling: The European Court of Justice has ruled that the owners of a social network site cannot be made to install monitoring systems to prevent illegal downloads of copyrighted material. The reasoning was that such a ruling would not be "respecting the requirement that a fair balance be struck" between intellectual property rights and the freedom to conduct business and data protection.

8# Child's Play: The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has criticised the privacy policies of mobile apps aimed at children as well as Google's and Apple's app stores. They discovered that a wide range of information about young users was being collected without theirs or their parents' consent.

9# I(E)mprovement: Internet Explorer may not get a lot of love but that hasn't stopped Microsoft from going to extreme lengths to develop the browser. To ensure it's the fastest browser in the world, a mini-internet was created to test it out, featuring 140 computers, 20,000 tests per day and over 850 metrics analysed.

10# Pinterest Endorcement: The fastest growing social network has gotten its latest high profile member. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has joined the site after his company revealed that Pinterest had grown by 60 per cent since it became an app on Facebook.

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