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The Daily Digest - The Social Media Stories You Need To Know

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In the Daily Digest, we round up the ten most important social media and technology articles from the last 24 hours that you need to know.

1# Timeline Success: The new Open Graph system for Facebook has alreaday become successful for apps according to Facebook themselves. Their latest blog post state that since their introduction, the apps available have gained further popularity, the most notable is Pinterest which saw a 60 per cent increase in the number of visits and Foodily which saw its new users multiply by four.

2# Google+ Upgrade: Google have updated its iPhone app adding instant upload, originally available for Android users, and a "What's Hot" stream which highlights popular posts from around the site.

3# Twitter In The Doghouse: Adding to the list of companies uploading iPhone users' phone data, Twitter have admitted to the practice. The news has brought up questions about Apple's vetting process and how it allowed so many apps to carry out this practice without consequence.

4# Turning Japanese: While Siri can speak a wide range of languages, one language that has alluded it was Japanese, until recently. While expected to add in Chinese, Spanish and Korean later in the year, 9to5mac have discovered that Japanese will be added onto that list.

5# Twitter Ecommerce: Ecommerce hasn't really taken off for the micro-blogging site but a new startup called Chirpify is hoping to change that. The company is looking to leverage the network and create a tool for brands, organizations and users to sell items, accept payments and receive donations without having to leave the site.

6# It's a Man's World: Ever wonder how the social media world is broken down by gender. According to figures from Website, two thirds of Google+ users are men, while on the other end of the  spectrum, the majority of Facebook users are women who make up 55 per cent in the U.S.

7# Facebook Lawsuit: A man was ordered by the U.S. court to pay $81,000 in fines, $5,000 to the court and $76,000 to Facebook's attorney fees and expenses. Paul Ceglia, who claimed that he owned half of Facebook, was fined for fabricating evidence against the company with the possibility of extra fines in store

8# Microsoft Facebook Upgrade: If you're a Windows Phone owner and love Facebook, you're in luck. The app for the operating system has been upgraded, featuring a new profile design and being able to set the privacy levels when you post an update among others.

9# Netflix's Challenge: Online streaming service Netflix is continuing its battle against terrestrial television by producing another original series to release. Orange is the New Black will be a new comedy series from the creator of Weeds and is based on the memoir of a communications executive who served time for drug-related charges.

10# Pay-To-Charge Outlets: Sony is developing power outlet technology that can identify a user's identity or permissions. Possible uses apart from paid access to power include managing energy usage in large buildings and device theft prevention. Sony say it expects the technology to be used in cafes, restaurants, and airports as well as other public places.

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