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The Daily Digest - The Social Media Stories You Need To Know

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In the Daily Digest, we round up the ten most important social media and technology articles from the last 24 hours that are worth your attention.

1# Grooveshark Payments: Grooveshark has abandoned its free model and is now charging users $4/month to use its service. The move comes after it's faced legal battles against numerous record labels as well as being shut down in Germany.

2# Groupon Goes Social: Groupon is planning a redesign of its site to include more user feedback Bloomberg report. The site is introducing 'thumbs up' and 'thumbs down' buttons to help improve and tailor offers to its 33 million active users.

3# iWarningYou: It's been revealed that the CEO for British Television Station ITV Adam Crozier, had written to Apple to warn the company off using "iTV" for its smart TV venture. The request, which was originally made in 2010, is now under threat as insiders fear that their new CEO Tim Cook may take a different stance regarding the subject.

4# Google's Mystery Device: After revealing its 'home entertainment system' for streaming music, Google are now testing out a second mystery device across America. The prototype is a "next generation personal communication device" that uses both WiFi and Bluetooth radio to function.

5# Apple/Sony Cash-in:  Apple have been accused of exploiting the death of Whitney Houston after the price of her albums on iTunes increased after her death. Digital Spy discovered that the prices for her albums were increased from £3 to £7.99 in the space of 30 minutes although it is now believed that Sony Music was responsible for the increase.

6# Google in Iran: The Iranian Government have blocked several of Google's products including Gmail and Youtube in the country. The blockage, which also includes all SSL sites, has been done in the lead up to and following the anniversary of its 1979 revolution.

7# Goodbye Pirate Bay: All torrent files that are being shared by more than 10 people on The Pirate Bay will be deleted on February 29th. The site will still be around after this date but it means that users won't be able to download .torrent files any longer.

8# Social Media Recruiters: Turns out that if you're a company looking for somebody to fill a vacency, you're more likely to user Twitter and LinkedIn to find them instead of Facebook. Bullhorn Reach surveyed 35,000 recruiters to find that LinkedIn drove three times the amount of job views of Twitter and six times that of Facebook.

9# Facebook Credits Customers: Facebook is running a promotion designed to convince players to purchase Facebook Credits with a buy $1, get $4 free offer. The promotion is part of the company's aim to get more users purchasing credits on the site which will lead to increased revenue.

10# Building Blocks Of Social Media: LEGO lovers are in for a treat today as a social media site dedicated to the iconic bricks has just been launched, The Technology Cafe report. 'ReBrick' will allow users to share their LEGO models and creations with each other and provides a hub for fans to interact.

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