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New Facebook Timeline for brands: video demo & what it means for you

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Now that we've gotten over the initial excitement of Timeline launching for brands, it's time to take stock and have a look at the timelines in detail to see what some of the major changes are and more importantly, what it means for brands. Check out our video demo where I take a look at some of the new features for the first time and see how brands can benefit from the new layout:

Admin Panel

On the top right hand side of your profile you'll see you now have an 'admin panel', which is a completely new addition. When you click to expand this, you see a handy snapshot of your latest page activity and insights, which is a useful feature for admins that want to get a quick overview of your Page:

Messages for Brands

A great new feature on Timeline for brands. You can now choose whether you want your fans to send you a private message through your Page. This is will particularly useful for companies that facilitate customer service on Facebook, as it's a much more seamless way of allowing people to contact you with sensitive date for example. You previously had to leave an email address they could contact on, but now simply ask them to leave you a message:

Change Tab Layout

Your timeline will now show four tabs or 'boxes' along the top of the page. These will be automatically on but you can change the order of these by simply hovering over the pencil icon, then selecting the box you want to switch it around with:

Feature Posts

When you manage your Facebook page, it's natural that some of the posts you make will be more important than others. Now you have an option to pin important posts to the top of your page, so that when someone sees your page, this will be the most recent post they'll see. You can do this with any post by clicking on the pencil icon when you hover over a post and selecting 'pin to top'.

Expanding a post

As with personal timelines, you can choose to expand certain posts to fit the width of your page, which is useful for particularly visual posts. You can do this by clicking on 'highlight' on the top right hand side of the page:

View Activity Log by Item

Within the new admin panel of your page, you can choose to see all the latest activity on your page. If you want to easily view by category however, just select the dropdown from 'All' and select from one of the options available.

We'll keep updating the post with new features as we spot them!

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