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New App Integrates Facebook and Instagram Accounts

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Following on from the integration of popular sites such as Pinterest by way of Facebook Open Graph, a new app has just been launched that aims to bring Facebook and Instagram closer together. The "Instagram Interface Facebook App”allows Instagram users to integrate their Facebook profile or fan page so they can have a fuller Instagram experience through Facebook, rather than just the one-photo upload that had been available on Facebook until now, as well as a host of other features.

This means that while you still need an iPhone to use Instagram, you can now access it through Facebook on another device such as a desktop. The app is being launched by Ink361, which is a web interface for Instagram that launched almost a year ago and has seen 1.3 million users since then.

The app enables photos to be viewed in a large format, and can display tagged photos with a similar tag in a seperate feed, which Ink361 anticipate will be "an excellent tool for companies that run a photo contest or news and broadcasting stations that crowed-source content from people in the field close to news facts and their Facebook audiences.” It also allows Instagram users logged into Facebook access to a wide range of photos, including their own and those of their friends, as well as liking and commenting on photos.

You can also follow and unfollow other users, which all indicates the the app seeks to give a very functional and integrated experience for the user. It will be interesting to see how the app fares and if using Instagram through Facebook will become a natural experience for users.

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