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Microsoft's Mudslinging Match With Google Gets Uglier With 'Googlighting' Video

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Microsoft have been taking a number of pot-shots at Google recently, from newspaper adverts to their parody video The Gmail man. While it was bad enough that they re-released the latter video last month, Microsoft have taken another swipe at their competitors.

The latest video, entitled Googlighting, portrays Google as a search engine company that moonlights as numerous other products on the side. Basically the video takes numerous swipes at Google Docs and their tendency to chop and change features as they see fit.

Yet it doesn't end there. At the end of the video (and in their video description, they include the address to their site Why Microsoft Productivity, designed to educate people about the benefits of using Microsoft products.

If you remember what the Gmail man video was like, then you should expect more of the same here. Not only is it excruciating to watch, it smacks of pettiness and desperation from Microsoft who really should be doing two things.

The first one is to focus on their products as, despite losing a lot of ground to Google and co, have the foundation needed to get back into the game. The second one is to take their marketing team and either replace them, or make sure they focus on campaigns that focus on their products as these attacks, whether they're justified or not, paint the company in a bad light. A reputation that Mircosoft doesn't need if they seriously wish to turn the tide against Google.

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