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LinkedIn Introduce New Follow Button For Websites

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While not as illustrious as its Facebook counterpart, LinkedIn company pages are very important for companies when it comes to linking with professionals and developing a professional social media presence. Unfortunately the lack of presence of LinkedIn's company pages in the greater web means that you have to actively search on the site to find them.

Today LinkedIn has just unveiled a new Follow Company button which business and brands can add onto their site. While it mightn't seem overly relevant, it's important for the site as previously you could only find brands on the site by actively searching for them on LinkedIn.

The plugin, similar to the Like button for Facebook fan pages and the Follow button for Twitter, will give LinkedIn brand pages greater exposure and give each page a higher chance of being followed by making the option more readily available.

Considering that the site has over two million companies globally, expect this feature to quickly pop up on many sites over the coming weeks. Those who want to put a follow button on their site can go onto LinkedIn's developer page where they will be able to acquire the HTML code needed.

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