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IKEA Introduce 'How To Build' Youtube Channel To Help Frustrated Customers

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If you've ever purchased anything from IKEA, you'll know that the assembly part can sometimes be a frustrating endeavour. You could be assembling a piece of furniture and find some parts of the instructions confusing, or you're just greeted the assembly kit with a blank look.

If this even vaguely sounds like you, you'd be glad to know that IKEA USA has started up a new Youtube playlist called 'How To Build'. As the title suggests, it gives you step-by-step video instructions about putting together a piece of furniture from the store. There's no dialogue or voiceover, no cheesy intro or ending, just a visual representation of how to assemble an IKEA product.

So far there is only one video in the playlist, the assembly of a MALM bed, but you would imagine that more videos will be added in the future. While its usefulness for the moment is extremely limited because of this, it will begin to develop once they add more videos to the collection.

It will be handy as with more and more people owning smartphones and tablets, they can just refer to the video to gain a better idea about assembling it. Of course, the majority of people won't really need this as we're all capable of reading instructions, but for those who get easily frustrated, this (and the other numerous Youtube videos out there dealing with the subject) may do the trick.

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