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How to (easily) add a Pinterest tab to your Facebook Page

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With all the interest around Pinterest at the moment, you're probably going to want to find out how to make the best use of this new platform and integrate it with your other social network activity. The good news is that I've just discovered a great way to easily add a tab onto your Facebook Page that will display your Pinterest activity. You don't even need to know code to do it! I found the brilliant hack at AG Beat, who have full instructions on how to add your Pinterest feed onto a dedicated tab.

You can follow full instructions on their post, but here's a quick step by step of how we added the Pinterest tab to the Simply Zesty Facebook Page. First, when you're logged in as the admin of your Facebook Page, add the static iFrame tab and allow it to access to your Page.

When you have the app installed, go back to your Facebook Page and you'll notice you now have an tab called 'Welcome'. Click on this then authorise the app to get started :

Once you've done this, you'll be able to edit the setup of your tab. The important parts are to firstly select the page source as 'url' then enter the url of your Facebook Page as the following, replacing simplyzesty with your own pinterest account name : You can also adjust the height of the Page here, depending on whether you want users to scroll through content.

Good to go!

When you've changed the settings on the tab, click on 'view tab' on the top right and you can see how your tab will look :

Now keep in mind that this is a free and very simple way to add Pinterest to your Page, so you'll notice that the content does cut off to the side, with users having to scroll left and right to see your boards in full.

You can also click within a board to open up the full image within the tab, without having to leave Facebook, as well as being able to search through content within the tab :

How you choose to promote this to your fans is then up to you. You might want to link to your tab in a Facebook post to ask people to follow you or check content, or you could even make the Pinterest tab a default landing tab.

Don't forget, if you're looking for custom tabs and apps on your Facebook Page for a more professional look, we do those too. Check out our agency work here.

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